Tucson woman arrested for killing husband

Tucson Police Department officers responded a 911 call regarding a shooting incident that occurred at a residence in the 10500 block of East Bridgeport. Upon arrival, the officers encountered an woman who had just shot her husband.

Susan Thacker, age 58, was waiting for police outside of the residence. She advised them that her husband was inside the residence and also advised that he had been shot. The officers checked the interior of the residence and found Gregory Thacker, age 58, who had obvious signs of trauma. Mr. Thacker was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Detectives learned that Mr. Thacker and his wife, were both inside the residence on the evening of June 17, 2013. The couple engaged in a verbal argument, which escalated to a lengthy confrontation, lasting a few hours. Ultimately, Mrs. Thacker discharged a weapon that was in the residence at Mr. Thacker. He was struck by the gunfire and succumbed to his injury. She called 911 to report the shooting at approximately 9:05 p.m. It appears that Mr. Thacker and Mrs. Thacker were the only people inside of the residence when the incident occurred. Mrs. Thacker was ultimately arrested for 1 count of Second Degree Murder, a felony offense.