Asarco, unions agree to continue talking

Asarco President and Chief Operating Officer Manuel Ramos announced that both sides in the negotiations of its labor contract covering some 2,100 employees have agreed to continue the current collective bargaining agreement beyond its June 30 expiration date.

Ramos said the agreement will allow the company to maintain its copper production and satisfy customer needs without interruption.

Asarco, headquartered in Tucson, is an integrated copper mining, smelting and refining company with approximately 2600 employees. It operates the Silver Bell and Mission mines near Tucson, the Ray Mine near Kearney, a smelter at Hayden, Arizona

The negotiations began three weeks ago in Tucson. The Tucson-based company employs about 2,600 workers. In addition to its mines, mills and smelter near Tucson, it operates a refinery in Amarillo.

2012 Economic Impact

• Wages, salaries and fringe benefits: $ 58.4 million

• Property, severance and sales taxes: $13.2 million

• Total materials and other spending (energy, fuel and supplies): $156.7 million

• Royalties – State: $ 6.6 million

• Royalties- Tribe: $ 2.5 million

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  1. Do you think Ray Carroll will read this? The guy can’t even think and comprehend. He’s a hand picked Grijalva-ite.

  2. The 2012 figures listed in the article show the postitive economic impact mining jobs have in southern Arizona.

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