The sooner the better McComish: Sunday’s comic bonus


From the Yellow Sheet:

Article Posted: 06.25.2013

While some Republicans say that ousting McComish as majority leader remains a possibility, others are hoping he will choose the less confrontational path and resign his post. “It seems to be the right thing to do. He’s got a title that does not reflect reality… He took a position that was not the majority position of the Republican caucus, and he persisted in that mode all the way through to sine die, that one could make a case that to do the right thing, he should resign,” Melvin told our reporter. He said McComish’s actions this year were “extraordinary,” and that calls for him to take the equally extraordinary step of resigning. Melvin also added that a resignation would be “more manageable” than having a vote to oust him. Finally, he said it would be “good to get it done now” rather than later, nearer the beginning of session. McComish said there was no need for him to abdicate his leadership position. “I respectfully disagree with Senator Melvin. Because I disagreed with the majority of the caucus on one issue is no reason to resign,” he said.

Nearly all of the PCs that supported McComish want him out of power…. the sooner the better

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  1. I’m carrying petitions to put Medicaid expansion in the hands of the people. I’m tired of being lied to an told how stupid I am. I’m done with Republicans unless we can get these RINO’s out-including Bruce Ash. He’s a detriment to the party. Clean it out or lose a bunch of people. I want Frank for GOV. He would clean it up quickly.

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