1. Few illegal aliens come here looking for citizenship. They love Mexico. They come for the money to send home. We have enabled Mexico’s elite ruling class to continue exploiting their citizens for centuries. When we allow $12 billion to go back to Mexico’s economy every year the crooked politicians never change. There must be an economic revolution in Mexico which will never happen as long as we are the DO-GOODERS
    aka Suckers. Let’s treat our southern border just like Mexico treats it’s southern border. McCain & Flake are merely big money guys who only care about citizens when they are running for reelection. Let’s find someone now to primary both of them and don’t let the Republican elitist call the shots. It’s time to stand.

    • That is absolutely right. Friends of mine have been in the country with green cards/ visas for over 15 yrs and do not want to become citizens. They just enjoy the benefits and the money they make to send back home, where they have a home they own and improve on.

  2. This week, a caller to Rush from South Texas said that the illegal aliens he has known for 20 years or more don’t want a path to citizenship. They don’t want to pay the TAXES that come with US citizenship! Wise up, McCain and Flake. You are both so foolish.

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