House passes Student Success Act, Common Core at risk

studentsThe U. S. House passed H.R.5 (the Student Success Act) to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act on Friday.

The legislation comprehensively reforms No Child Left Behind. The bill passed by a vote of 221-207 According to Arizona Representative Paul Gosar, “among other changes, the bill bars the Secretary of Education from coercing states to adopt Common Core standards, eliminates 70 ineffective programs and prioritizes local initiatives.” “Caring about our students and their futures requires that we beat back the federal government’s takeover of our education system. The boondoggle known as No Child Left Behind proved disastrous for parents, teachers, school administrators, and most importantly, students. Unfortunately, as the federal government’s role in education has increased, test scores and performance have not improved. I have more confidence in parents, teachers and local school districts to make decisions than I do Washington bureaucrats. We owe our students nothing less than to provide them with a higher quality education.”

Matt Salmon spoke on the floor on Thursday, saying this is the “first real glimmer of sanity and common sense on federal education policy in last 20 or 30 years.” “If you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. We’ve had this encroachment of federal government time and time again in education policy,” said Salmon. “It doesn’t work. This gives the flexibility to put the decisions… back into the local governments, teachers, parents, classroom, and school boards and that’s where it needs to be. One size does not fit all and Washington is not the fount of knowledge.”

The Arizona Education Association (AEA) applauded representatives Ron Barber, Raúl Grijalva, Ann Kirkpatrick, Ed Pastor, and Kyrsten Sinema for their opposition. The teacher’s union released a statement saying that they liked the bill because it “eliminates Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and the arbitrary deadline for 100 percent proficiency,” they opposed “additional cuts at the federal level” in spending.

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  1. It is considered a huge blessing, when a person who represents you votes in ways that are consistent with your values. Common Core curriculum was Not good for you or your kids.

  2. Ed Ducate | July 20, 2013 at 8:25 am |

    Common Sense appears to to be coming back to the House of Representatives regarding Common Core.
    The comments by the AEA, Dem. Reps. and teachers more money and happy not reporting AYP.

    Oh well, some things never change.

  3. The Truth Hurts | July 20, 2013 at 8:50 am |

    Here’s a clue for success: Whatever the teacher’s union likes, it’s not good. Whatever the teacher’s union dislikes, it’s good. Just follow that rule.


    A Teacher

  4. This Bill will never pass the US Senate. It will be vetoed by the President.

    The mantra of the Republicans: Local Control of the Public School System; our National Government is intruding on OUR domain.

    Local Control? Look at TUSD!! It is an unmitigated Academic Failure!! Remove your heads from the sand Republicans…check out the AIMS Scores or any other standardized metric of Academic Achievement.

    We have lost, as a Nation (particularly here in Arizona), an understanding of the fundamental importance of Education for the long term survival of our Democracy.

    In his first Annual Address to Congress on January 8, 1790, President Washington said that Education was “the security of a free Constitution”…that, through Education a free people would know and value “their own rights”…..and would be able “to discriminate the spirit of liberty from that of licentiousness”.

    The Common Core Standards will highlight those States that have a viable/productive Public Secondary System and those that do not…like ARIZONA!!

    • Francis Saitta, when you run for the school board I will support your campaign.

    • YES Francis by all means look at the local school bored! The root of all the problems is that it is run as a stepping stone for higher office by the same families that are the root of many of the local problems. They are also DEMS to the core, they only care about themselves and no one else. Remember those that went before and pushed the current bored into the predicament it now is in. Kids that cannot read or write, or carry on a basic literate conversation! But they know how to chain themselves and that it is always the evil ‘white man’ who is the root of all their failures! Dont ever stand up and say it their family failure and their own failure to learn. WHen people have tried to get on the bored they were not voted for if they took a position counter to the dems and their social promotion stances. Dont have the little darlings learn, it will cloud their sense of self worth, instead just let them be. Remember Oakland and their use of street spelling and what a disaster that was? Same thing here.

      No fed interference DOES NOT promote better students, throwing money at the problem does not promote better students (explain why calif students and those in other high spending states are generally no better than us?). What does count is holding the kids accountable. NO SOCIAL PROMOTIONS as was disclosed happening last year, AIMS was an attempt to meet the national standards you are advocating, turns out they were being taught nothing but the test itself. SO I would not support you based on your current screed, but maybe just maybe if you stood up and announced that you also support the 1 school bored member who is for tighter controls then yes maybe I would. But until then you are just part of the party problem found in tucson.

  5. Forget party Politics, Hank!! This is about Education and rigorous/challenging Academic Standards…and..teaching Students to think critically!!

    Contact me and I’ll send you an outline of my positions for the 2014 election:

  6. LEO IN TSN | July 21, 2013 at 3:59 pm |

    Common Core in Education is a terrible leftist scheme to take control and educational decisions totally out of the hands of the parents. It will pour billions of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of the national and state teachers’ unions, and into the bank accounts of the industrial giants who help design and implement this insidious plan.

    Common Core itself is a pet of the UN in their pursuit of global control of education under Agenda 21. They provided the framework used by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, convicted anti-American terrorists, and their colleagues in choreographing this Marxist plan to destroy the American family unit. It will place all control in the hands of the federal government, and will eventually be the weapon used to eradicate home schooling and private, charter and parochial schools. All children will then be forced into government schools and effectively cut off from their parents.

    Patriots and parents, educate yourselves and rise up against Common Core. Find out why state after state is opting out of this terrible federal power grab.

    God bless America.

  7. Sorry Francis. No vote for you. The reason TUSD is failing is because we have brian dead liberals who would vote for a rock if it had a D. beside its name. Get the Federal Gov out of our schools, state ground, and EPA. We’ve got to stand up and say no to people like Francis who mock the truth about Common Core. We had really good conservative invloved candidates last election but they didn’t have a D behind their names. When you see the Grijalva name run as fast as you can with your hand on your wallet. Get them all of the public payroll.

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