Grandson arrested in murder of Tucson couple

Untitled3Kyle A. Drattlo, age 20, was arrested along with two other suspects after they were stopped by police in Tonopah, Nevada, Wednesday for the murder of his grandparents Erskin and Mary Louise Flugham.

Tucson Police Department detectives had obtained arrest warrants for the three. Each will be charged with two counts of First Degree Murder, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder, one count of Burglary in the First degree, one count of Armed Robbery, and one count of Aggravated Robbery.

All three suspects were booked into the Nye County Jail with the assistance of personnel from the Nye County Sheriff’s Department. The Homicide Unit detectives from the Tucson Police Department will work with personnel from the Pima County Attorney’s Office to extradite all three subjects back to Pima County.

Police have not provided a photograph of Harding at this time.

12 Comments on "Grandson arrested in murder of Tucson couple"

  1. Wayne B (rain) | July 26, 2013 at 6:04 am |

    I’m very glad that top mugshot guy is off the streets as well as Drattlo who killed his own grandparents. Although drugs were not mentioned in the story, this whole case seems a sad reminder of how addictive recreational drugs can affect people in a negative way. Because we just know that’s what happened.

  2. They walk among us. Totally scary!

  3. Evil walks among us. Fry them.

  4. for those that say there is no evil force – here’s a some more examples of ‘yes there is’

  5. SilverTones | July 26, 2013 at 4:44 pm |

    Remember the LEOs are minutes away when you need to be rescued from individuals like these two. Why would the grandparents, rest their souls, let such a scary looking person as Christopher Terry into their home? Their grandson at least looks human.

    • But obviously can’t act like one. Five lives wasted for what, drugs and/or money? Your own family? We have become a society without a soul.

    • Tired Taxpayer | July 27, 2013 at 6:19 am |

      My reaction exactly, anyone looking like that needs to be regarded as at best unpredictable and at worst dangerous.

  6. christina | July 29, 2013 at 8:23 pm |

    Chris Terry is my ex I dated him for a few months. He’s a very nice gentle man. I really do not believe he helped kill ne one. His face tats do not mean he’s a bad dangerous or scary.

    • Commonsense | July 30, 2013 at 4:48 pm |

      Really? A nice gentle man does not stand by and let someone beat two elderly people. At best, he’s guilty of standing idly by while two innocent people got murdered. At worst, he’s a raving lunatic like that couples grandson and murdered in cold blood.

    • NoTimeforidiots | July 31, 2013 at 8:06 am |

      Your an idiot if you dated him, he’s got a horrible record, and tattoos on his face like a scumbag. Do you know what this has done to that family?? No, you care more about defending the lowest peice of shit. That dirtbag beat an elderly couple to death, in their house, and stole the car. yeah nice and gentle, its a shame you didn’t stay with him, maybe it could have been you instaed! Also, you must be on drugs, he has been for years, and you dont date someone on drugs if your bot doing them too. May god help the family through this horrific time, and they should all be sent to hell where they belong!! This was a violent way for two peaceful loving people to die, and you want to defend him!

    • Christina I really think that you also need to get off what ever in the hell your taking or smoking.Chris is a creep.Hes hurt numerous people.From trying to kill a girl when he was in 2nd grade,beating a caregiver up with a baseball bat,dragging a little girl off her school bus stop and tried to rape her to sodomizinf a 7year old boy in Colorado not to mention burning down a house.If I remember correctly you were dating him and were with him when this house fire took place.

  7. I knew this couple and they were the sweetest, most caring and loving gentle cute little couple. They were both elderly and needed assistance…unfortunately when people get involved with drugs they change! They steal, cheat, and murder!! May they all rot in hell for what they have done to all the innocent victims!

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