61 medical marijuana dispensary operating licenses issued, 2 weeks to go

potThe Arizona Department of Health Services has issued 61 medical marijuana dispensary operating licenses. Only two weeks remain of the 52-week licensing period.

According to Will Humble the director of ADHS, the department has “21 more inspections scheduled between now and August 6, which is the deadline for Registration Certificate holders to get their Approval to Operate License so they can renew their Certificate (a 1-year timeframe).” Humble says that the “biggest hang up with the remaining certificate holders seems to be their city occupancy approval.” The department does not give operating licenses without a certificate of occupancy from the applicants’ local jurisdiction.

According to Humble, a current court case is being waged now by plaintiffs who argue that the ADHS requirement that Registration Certificate holders (the lottery winners) get their Approval to Operate within 1 year is unreasonable. Under ADHS regulations, the Approval to Operate is required in order to renew a Registration Certificate. A ruling is expected in the next few weeks which Humble hopes will provide some clarity about whether and how the ADHS should proceed in the renewal of Registration Certificates. Humble says the “decision may also influence the timeline for the “second round” issuance of Certificates.”


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  2. If enough people get prescriptions, they’ll be welcoming the illegal drug trafficking from Mexico so they can jump up to a higher thrill level.

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