Arizona Democratic Committeewoman: “Quit spending money on white men”

demsArizona DNC Committeewoman Carolyn Warner told her fellow Democrats to “quit spending money on white men” at an Arizona Democratic Party’s Executive Board Meeting shortly after the last election. Despite the advantages won in the recent redistricting of legislative and congressional districts, the Party struggled to keep and win seats held by their candidates of any gender, race, or ethnicity.

The Democrats are clearly ignoring the admonition by Warner and are expected to run a white man, Fred DuVal, for the highest office in the state and will face non-white and non-male Republican challengers like State Representative Steve Montenegro in the Secretary of State race, Martha McSally in the race for CD2, and Gabby Saucedo Mercer in CD3.

Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, called Warner’s advice “insensitive.”

“The divisions among the Democrat party elite appear to be severe and personal, and that’s a disservice to voters looking for choices on the ballot,” said Graham. “I invite every Democrat voter disappointed with their party in Arizona to learn more about the Arizona Republican Party, and to take a serious look at our efforts to move our state forward on jobs, opportunity, prosperity, and safety.”

Warner ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 1976, and was the Democratic nominee for Governor of Arizona in 1986. She was elected by the Democratic Party of Arizona to represent them at the DNC in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

“The Republican Party has a vigorous and competitive primary process, and with the governor’s seat opening up next year there will be a lot of discussion going on within the party about our GOP candidates and who can best lead our state. The Democrats, however, are fast-forwarding through the competition and excitement of the primary race, creating a lot of bored voters and even more boring candidates,” Graham added.


  1. My name and email stay filled in and I just post. It isn’t working that way for the rest of you?

  2. As a famous comedian once said,…”America is the only country in the world where a poor black boy, can grow up to be a rich white pedofile,” in regards to Michael Jackson’s life.

    His name? You’d never guess.

  3. Warner! Heck back almost 40 years ago I think she was state superintendent of education and she was old then. Both parties need to move forward, new blood. Always have been an independent, believe in term limits. Until that happens nothing will change. If I could do that in 1 year as the facilitator of a tap rooted school site council that tried to control the school surely thousands/millions of voters can get off their behinds and save the place. I sound hard, but 20 years military and almost 15 as a teacher you tell me…

  4. Republicans & Democrates are Communists – Obama files are direct to the Communist Manifesto! None of the Congress, Judical and President don’t follow the Oath of the Constitution of the United States. They send our troops in danger around the world for their own sake and no other.

    Signed a VETERAN who took the OATH and still follows it every day.

  5. then again I don’t think we need anymore butt sniffers in D.C. so maybe the dog idea wasn’t a good one…

  6. they don’t have to show their weiners to run – these old men living dangerously – and the leaders say run women and micro-segment races – I’m sure the women democrats are enjoying that analogy – perhaps they could run a cow or dog for office – train it to bark on vote – a true lap dog politician for the party… woff woofff woof…

  7. Which white males is she referring to? Hasn’t she divided them into Crackers, Hillbillies, Nazis, Cowboys, Trailer Trash, etc? It must be a real quandary for the Demograps to define anything without playing some form of race card.

  8. Rat – Where do you hang out these days? Have you found any other news site around with some lively repartee and amusing interchanges? Is Hal/Fred out of therapy yet?

    • I haven’t found an active replacement site. I like the news here best. Hal/Fred also seems to have disappeared.

      I thought his therapy was lifetime, but I could be mistaken.

      We sure could liven up this site with a few of the veterans. I’m not on facebook, but if somebody is, they could go back to the ADS and encourage them over.

      • I tried the ADS Facebook thing for a very brief moment, but found it to be way too pedestrian for my blood.

        ADI meets all of my particular news needs, as well as having the occasional breakout of levity.

        Topix is way too thuggish and infantile; City Data Forum is overly moderated – kills any attempt at fun as being “off-topic”, so generally lacks life; and Aantares is extremely liberal, hates conservative views, and consequently has lost its spark and is slowly dying.

        Fox continues to be a good source for me, except that way too many people congregate there and comments get lost pretty fast.

        Anyway… ADI meets my conservative Arizona news needs, plus it has its moments as a “playground” as well! 🙂

        – Colt

        • At least they don’t cherry pick articles meant to punish their political adversaries. Unlike the Arizona Global Warming Star.

        • The only problem with this site is that it’s hard to have fast-paced back and forth conversations about the topic du jour. I do like the articles and the fact that many are coming from the rank and file instead of the paid biased reporters with an agenda.

        • Silvertone,

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      • I wish that the posting protocol were easier; if it were, I’m sure more posters would participate. As it is, you are correct – this is the best site so far.

        Could the DISQUS model be applied?

  9. As has proven by the Obama Presidency, it is not about leading,…it is about winning, to the Democratic Party.

    But just look at all the losers.

  10. Oh, it couldn’t possibly be their far left platforms contributing to their loss in elections – despite the rampant gerrymandering.

  11. Carolyn Warner? She sounds like a racist to me!

    Obama, the “uniter”, continues to allow the Democratic party (as well as the media) to dump on white males.

  12. Is everybody too afraid to say, “she sounds like a racist to me?”

    Why? She is an Obama Democrat.

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