Arizona Democratic Committeewoman: “Quit spending money on white men”

demsArizona DNC Committeewoman Carolyn Warner told her fellow Democrats to “quit spending money on white men” at an Arizona Democratic Party’s Executive Board Meeting shortly after the last election. Despite the advantages won in the recent redistricting of legislative and congressional districts, the Party struggled to keep and win seats held by their candidates of any gender, race, or ethnicity.

The Democrats are clearly ignoring the admonition by Warner and are expected to run a white man, Fred DuVal, for the highest office in the state and will face non-white and non-male Republican challengers like State Representative Steve Montenegro in the Secretary of State race, Martha McSally in the race for CD2, and Gabby Saucedo Mercer in CD3.

Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, called Warner’s advice “insensitive.”

“The divisions among the Democrat party elite appear to be severe and personal, and that’s a disservice to voters looking for choices on the ballot,” said Graham. “I invite every Democrat voter disappointed with their party in Arizona to learn more about the Arizona Republican Party, and to take a serious look at our efforts to move our state forward on jobs, opportunity, prosperity, and safety.”

Warner ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 1976, and was the Democratic nominee for Governor of Arizona in 1986. She was elected by the Democratic Party of Arizona to represent them at the DNC in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

“The Republican Party has a vigorous and competitive primary process, and with the governor’s seat opening up next year there will be a lot of discussion going on within the party about our GOP candidates and who can best lead our state. The Democrats, however, are fast-forwarding through the competition and excitement of the primary race, creating a lot of bored voters and even more boring candidates,” Graham added.

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