Ex-wife of Phoenix strip club owner pleads guilty to fraud

teasersOn July 29, 2013, Cynthia Jo DiBernardo pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return. She was indicted after her ex-husband, Tony DiBernardo, owner of Teasers, a Phoenix strip club, pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with authorities as part of his deal.

IRS investigators found that DiBernardo used handwritten ledgers to hide cash collected through tips, house-fees from dancers and payments from customers for private entertainment in a VIP area.

DiBernardo’s ex-husband, Tony DiBernardo, confessed that he “knew that the return, which I signed under penalty of perjury, did not include all of my income from Teasers Inc., which I operated with my ex-wife. For tax years 2006 through 2009, (Cynthia DiBernardo) and I failed to report approximately $350,000 in cash revenue.”

Authorities agreed to recommend to the court a reduced sentence in exchange for DiBernardo’s guilty plea on a single count of filing a false return.


  1. lmfao tony if your still out there you suck you were the stupidest man to ever run a titty bar bar none

  2. While having a strip club is legal, my understanding is that most of them are stuffed with just about every other sort of crime that can fit into one building.

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