Arpaio offers Governor Brown alternatives to inmate release

tent cityMaricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio reacting to media reports that California is considering releasing thousands of inmates due to lack of prison space and state tax cuts, sent a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown offering his expertise.

The Sheriff, who just last week celebrated the 20 year anniversary of Maricopa County’s solution for overcrowding; Tent City, offered the Governor alternatives to the unprecedented release of criminals.

“Allowing so many criminals to simply go free from California prisons affects nearby states including Arizona,” Arpaio says. “Governor Brown certainly has legitimate reasons to consider a release of this magnitude, but I hope he will consider any and all alternatives.”

Arpaio’s invitation to tour Tent City or to consider the feasibility of a possible transfer of some of California’s inmates to jails here in Maricopa County under Arpaio’s jurisdiction has reached the California Governor’s Office.

Letter Jerry

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