Arpaio offers Governor Brown alternatives to inmate release

tent cityMaricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio reacting to media reports that California is considering releasing thousands of inmates due to lack of prison space and state tax cuts, sent a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown offering his expertise.

The Sheriff, who just last week celebrated the 20 year anniversary of Maricopa County’s solution for overcrowding; Tent City, offered the Governor alternatives to the unprecedented release of criminals.

“Allowing so many criminals to simply go free from California prisons affects nearby states including Arizona,” Arpaio says. “Governor Brown certainly has legitimate reasons to consider a release of this magnitude, but I hope he will consider any and all alternatives.”

Arpaio’s invitation to tour Tent City or to consider the feasibility of a possible transfer of some of California’s inmates to jails here in Maricopa County under Arpaio’s jurisdiction has reached the California Governor’s Office.

Letter Jerry

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  1. Dear Left Coast,

    Please delay your release of dangerous criminal prisoners until I have time to get to the store to buy more guns and ammunition, which we are allowed to have here in Arizona. Thank you!

    Wayne B (rain)

  2. Desert Sun, Love the way you totally ignore the facts [you must be a low-info voter]. Releasing 10K violent offenders is a much better solution than say….a tent city for these criminals? Go sell stupid someplace else. Or better yet, why don’t you move to Cali? Yu must think it’s a safe place to live.

  3. Desert Sun – “What a joke. What a travesty” tell that to the man who’s mother was raped – killed – and left in a wheelbarrow in the back yard by a recently released sex offender – they called police and still let the offender out and kept them out even after threats – while you want to parade on the anti-joe show – reality is you don’t seem to have a real clue as to what the issues are, who they are releasing and why – perhaps a better grasp of the subject matter might lead alternative trains of thought on the subject – I’m no JOE FAN by any means and “Arizona the PRISON STATE” is no laughing matter in my book, the state has way to many prisons now, but the Califorification of the legal system in letting the groups they are planning to let out, just bad think – and from where else California.

  4. Good idea, Sheriff Joe, however…

    Jerry Brown would prefer a California country club ambiance for his darlings, and lacking that, he’d rather have the poor dears pillage & plunder their way through America on their own.

  5. Oh please, this isn’t news, this is another Arizona circus put on for the benefit of the rest of the nation — and of course, Arpaio is in the lead.

    What a joke. What a travesty. This pipsqueak abuser with a tin badge advising the State of California? Who gives a damn? Not California. Not most Arizonans. Must be Maricopa County. Go ahead, Joe, makea a name for yourself … in the Valley of the Sun. Whoopee!

    • How foolish is gov brown to release up to ten thousand prisoners into the populations of surrounding states! And anyone who thinks Arpaio is just seeking publicity is equally foolish. With unemployment so high how does anyone think they will survive?
      surrounding states need to step up and house some of these theives,rapists and violent men or they will be coming to a neighborhood near you, maybe yours “desert sun”!

      • If anyone is foolish or clueless, it has to be defenders of Sheriff Joe.

        Anyone who believes anything Sheriff Joe says needs to have their head examined.

        There are over 200 people doing life in prison for shoplifting in California. As they age, the cost of keeping them goes up enormously. The get ill, feeble and like Sheriff Joe himself, fall, victims to Alzheimers.

        Joe is hardly one to advise anyone of anything.

        He has consorted with neo-Nazis such as J.T. Ready.

        Though he was paid to do so, he failed to investigate hundreds of cases of child sexual abuse.

        He lost his ability to participate in the 287g program.

        He is being investigated for criminal conduct and civil rights violations by the feds.

        His closest confidents and co-conspirators have been convicted of perjury and/or disbarred.

        He has used drug seizure money to do “training” with his deputies at Central American resorts.

        He has refused to abide by the provisions of Arizona’s Open Records Act.

        He has sent out undercover officers to investigate ordinary citizens exercising their First Amendment rights.

        He has regularly lost lawsuits over the conditions in which he keeps prisoners, some brought by the heirs of those petty offenders his negligence and/or malfeasance who have come to an early death, thanks to Joe.

        He has lost tens of millions in lawsuit settlements for which the Maricopa County taxpayers have footed the bill.

        He has slimed decent opponents and buried them under the cascades of contributions sent to him by those stupid enough to believe his endless self-aggrandizing claims.

        I look forward to the day when the only inmate in Maricopa County jails wearing pink underwear is doddering ol’ Joe himself.

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