America’s “winningest” rugby coach, Dave Sitton remembered

America’s “winningest” college ruby coach, Dave Sitton passed away today at the age of 58. Sitton will be missed by countless numbers of young men, for whom he offered himself as an example of faith, love of country and family, kindness, courage, compassion, and good humor.

Sitton, who coached the University of Arizona’s rugby team for years, became a sports icon on a national level after taking his team to national championships and international tournaments.

Sitton came to Tucson from Southern California to play college baseball. Injuries prevented him from pursuing his passion, but as man of passion, Sitton turned his energies to coaching rugby. While at the UofA, Sitton became America’s “winningest” rugby coach, just this year.

Sitton, known as the voice of Tucson and Mr. Pops by Tucsonans, became a popular figure through both his professional work as a radio host on 104.1The Truth FM, and his charitable work as an emcee for the Tucson Orchestra’s Pops in the Park.

Sitton ran for congress, at the request of numerous community members, when former congresswoman Gabby Giffords retired. Sitton ran as a Republican, but after witnessing what he believed to be the hypocrisy and corruption of the Republican and Democratic Parties, Sitton described himself as a Constitutionalist.

Sitton was scheduled to appear on a local radio show this afternoon. Sitton was a regular guest on the show as the resident expert on the Constitution. He told Harris on Friday that he was excited to be discussing the concept of nullification.

“Dave was the most remarkable man,” said one radio colleague. “He always enjoyed himself. He threw himself into everything he did and did it well. He was honest and open. He was the silver lining on the dark cloud of corruption that has darkened Tucson skies for too long.”

Sitton will be remembered as the “Teacher,” a role he played on the radio and off.

Editor’s note: Dave Sitton was a good friend of the Arizona Daily independent. His honesty, love of God, family, and country permeated everything he did. He will be missed.