Hiker rescued from Romero Pools

On the early morning of August 14, Pima County deputies and the Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Unit responded to Catalina State Park in reference to an injured hiker near Romero Pools. It was reported the hiker suffered a broken arm when he fell trying to get away from a mountain lion.

Deputies and the Golder Ranch Technical Rescue Team made the two mile hike toward Romero Pools to reach the injured hiker. When they reached the hiker, they learned he had a serious shoulder injury and could not be moved.

The Sheriff’s Department helicopter was requested to assist with the rescue and responded to the incident. When the helicopter arrived, they lowered a rescue deputy, a stretcher, and a Baumann Bag via the hoist. The injured hiker was placed on the stretcher and put in the Baumann Bag before being hoisted to the helicopter. He was then flown to a landing zone near the entrance of Catalina State Park where he was transferred to an ambulance.

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  1. How many hikers have had to be rescued this season? I’m remembering Tanque Verde Falls, Seven Falls, & Romero Pools. Arizona’s a great place to live, and hiking the great outdoors is an excellent thing to get out and do. However, financially, I’m beginning to wonder as to when to draw the line.

    I realize that our taxes pay for these rescues, but shouldn’t there be a limit of incidents before hikers begin receiving the bill for their own rescue – a la Arizona’s Stupid Motorist Law?

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