Operation Deadbeat Doomsday to begin

school busMaricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will launch Operation Deadbeat Doomsday for Delinquent Moms and Dads on Saturday morning, where posse volunteers and deputies will serve warrants on those parents who have failed to make their child support payments despite court orders to do so.

A total of 622 child support warrants are to be served, including 76 of which are for mothers who are refusing to pay the money they owe to their children’s care.

Sheriff Arpaio has conducted these round-ups annually since 2002, arresting nearly 2000 deadbeat parents responsible for over $14 million in back payments. In this operation, the top ten men on the outstanding warrants list owe a combined amount of over $1.1 million.

Arpaio says that in past years, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day have been popular days in which to conduct these operations. This year, the “back to school” month of September was chosen. Over 100 posse members and deputies will be serving the warrants.

“We round up these moms and dads who have not only turned their backs on a court order, but on their own children,” said Arpaio. “This is a time of year when kids and families need all the financial support they can get…school supplies are costly and if parents refuse a court order to do what is right to financially support the children they brought into the world, then we will do our job and bring them to jail where they can think about their responsibilities.”

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