“Blue Flu” causes Sunnyside Board meeting cancellation

susdThe Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday night was cancelled amid continuing controversy which has resulted in 4 of the 5 members facing recall. The meeting was expected to get heated due the public’s negative reaction to a smear campaign launched by opponents to school reformer Daniel Hernandez.

School board members and the community received notice about three hours before the scheduled meeting.

Hernandez’s fellow Board member and reformer, Buck Crouch, characterized the lack of a quorum, which was the stated reason for the cancellation, as a case of “Blue Flu.” Hernandez tweeted that he was “disappointed that my fellow board members would rather cancel board meetings last minute then face the public.”

Protesters gathered in front of district offices calling for the resignation of board member Bobby Garcia. It is widely believed that Garcia is behind the creation and delivery of fliers attacking Hernandez. (See article here.)

State Senator Linda Lopez said, “I want them to know we are not going away; we will be back. We will come to every board meeting till this issue gets set on the right track.”

Garcia denies involvement in the smear campaign.

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  1. When board members are unable to communicate and face reality, the members have violated their obligation as a member. Members who cannot stand up and be responsible should be removed and new election take place. I do not think a recall is needed. They did it for everyone.

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