Pima County settles in death of former marine Guerena

The family of a former Marine Jose Guerena, who was killed in a botched SWAT raid at home on the morning of May 5, 2011, settled with Pima County in the amount of $3.4 million.

The two-year legal battle came to an end after tearing the Southern Arizona community apart and raising questions about the leadership of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

The 26-year-old Guerena was shot and killed by SWAT team members after working a graveyard shift at Asarco Mission Mine. Guerena and his wife, Vanessa, thought they were about to be victims of a home invasion. Guerena was holding an AR-15 rifle with its safety on when the SWAT members smashed open their front door.

Authorities believed that the former Marine was connected to his brother’s drug trafficking activity. Jose’s brother, Alejandro Ortiz Guerena, pleaded guilty to attempted possession of marijuana for sale and conspiracy to commit money laundering in May. Alejandro Ortiz Guerena’s wife, Pauline Guerena, was sentenced in July to four years probation for money laundering.

In the past two years, no evidence has surfaced to show that the former Marine had any involvement in his brother’s illegal activity.


  1. And so many dumbs#@*s want to take guns out of the common peoples hands? Are you kidding? Haven’ seen this on any mainstream news. Of course I don’t watch that garbage. Dupnick only wants his officers to hold guns. The deputy’s are only doing there jobs. Now they have to live with this mistake done under Dupnicks orders. And once again no one loses their job and no one is held accountable. This Marines family should have gotten 30 times that amount!

  2. Basically, “gun control” is like music to the ears of the ENEMIES of America. If I was an ENEMY of America, I’d be calling for gun control as well! Liberals keep attempting to erode the 2nd Amendment and further that cause.

  3. why does this story fail to note that the police shot 170 rounds at this man and still failed to kill him, that the left him to bleed to death where he fell – that there were kids in the house when all this ‘shooting’ by the police occurred, that no rounds were fired by the man with his rifle – is this SWAT team still on the force? Is this Sheriff – “The two-year legal battle came to an end after tearing the Southern Arizona community apart and raising questions about the leadership of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.” QUESTIONS” the man is incompetent and should have been FIRED years ago when this incident happen – that SWAT had “no discipline – or training sufficient so that they could self limit a shooting frenzy of this type is simply inexcusable – Dipnik should have been FIRED as should have all of these SWAT officers – this is not a game – if they don’t know where every round is going – then don’t pull the trigger.

  4. A young woman without her husband. Two young boys growing up w/o their father – one of whom heard all the mayhem and shouts of fear on the part of his parents.

    Jose could have been stopped along the road on his way back from work and arrested without the drama and bullets flying. Was a multi-agency SWOT approach really needed? Why in the heck did Marana and Oro Valley police need to be involved at all? Practice in overkill (literally)? The adrenalin fed on itself and pretty soon the brains were turned off.

    Sheriff Dupnik really hasn’t been heard of much since his blame game speech on what caused the shooting rampage at my local Safeway in January 2011. Barely a whimper through his umpteenth re-election. The man has got to go. We need a modern Sheriff with a cooler head. One that doesn’t think that 70+ shots through a residential home, 24 bullets in a man who thought he was defending his wife/children, and leaving an injured man to bleed to death are appropriate responses and actions to take in what they thought was a 1-person drug bust.

  5. I hate to keep harping on the same issue all the time but until the voters of this county get so sick and tired of the same inadequate leadership and high taxes then what you see is what you get. Its quite obvious that the Republican party has been neutered in this area and you can plainly see the results. Poor candidates running against Democratic machines that are protected by local officials from any election laws. You must be so proud to be represented by the Pima County Supervisors and their lackey little Clarence.

  6. Being a former Marine and a former Deputy Sheriff I do understand some of this…But when this type of operation is botched as such…and their boss a former Major who served in combat can’t control his own men beyond this…He and his actions just cost the TAX payers $3.4 million dollars, who will be held accountable….the buck stops with him….don’t hind behind the badge!!! Bring those to judgment and have their day in court…or leave your post!@!!!#.

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