PETA asks Arizona prison chief to follow “no-bull” Arpaio

cow-farm-animalThis week, PETA sent a letter to Charles L. Ryan, Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, urging him to follow the lead of no-bull Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and stop feeding prisoners cow as well as all other meat. Arpaio recently instituted the program to save taxpayers money.

PETA says they support Arpaio’s proposal because “not only is a plant-based diet less expensive than a meat-based one, it also saves animals’ lives, protects prisoners from serious illnesses that can cost the state an arm and a leg to treat, and is a great way to promote compassion and nonviolence among inmates.”

“It doesn’t make sense to feed convicts some of the most expensive food on the market when they can get all the nutrition that they need from healthy, delicious vegetarian options. And this decision gives overburdened taxpayers a break at the same time,” says PETA Associate Director Lindsay Rajt. “People who have gone vegetarian or vegan can attest to how much better it makes them feel, and the Arizona prison system can appreciate another good reason for offering plant-based foods: They’re cheaper.”

As an incentive, PETA has offered to pick up the tab for a professional chef to work with the corrections system to implement the new menu.

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