Salmon, Sinema, Barber address Obamacare delay vote

congress capitol hill“Tonight, House Republicans passed a bill that accomplishes what Americans want: keep the government funded and delay a law that is not ready for prime time,” said Arizona’s Representative Matt Salmon after the late night vote.

“Compromise is not commonplace in Washington these days, but this is exactly what House Republicans did in this legislation. With a government shutdown looming, we worked hard through the weekend to take the Senate’s version of the Continuing Resolution and find a solution that was both fair and reasonable,” said Salmon. “Meantime, instead of negotiating, Senate Democrats chose to break until Monday and President Obama decided to play golf.”

Salmon and his Republican colleagues say it is now up to Harry Reid and the President to accept a responsible compromise to keep the government open.

“I voted against today’s proposed one-year delay of implementation of the Affordable Care Act because it does nothing to help families and businesses plan for the future,” said Representative Kyrsten Sinema.

Sinema said a delay of full implementation would add to “the confusion and cost of healthcare for families,” but did not explain why a delay was acceptable for big business and others. Sinema did recognize that there were serious concerns about Obamacare. “I have been listening to, and working with, Republicans and Democrats to make pragmatic fixes to the health care law. I co-sponsored a bipartisan bill repealing the medical device tax. Companies like Tempe’s Medtronic are an important part of our state’s economy. The device tax drives up costs and is a disincentive for innovation and production. This evening, I voted for a successful amendment repealing this tax.”

Barber said on Saturday after the vote, “Since I have been in office, I have been open to new ideas – regardless of which side of the political aisle they come from. But this kind of game-playing is not the way my wife and I ran our small business. It cannot be the way we run our country.”

It is the small businesses across the contry that were denied the ame delay afforded big comanies. Union members were exemted as are members fo Congress inlcuding Representative Barber.

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