Third suspect arrested in Phoenix bestiality case

Mary Kanitz

Mary Kanitz

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies have located a third suspect in a bestiality investigation. That case has now gone before an Arizona grand jury which has indicted all three suspects on charges of bestiality.

Mary Kanitz, an employee of a Phoenix plastic surgeon’s office, is identified by Sheriff’s deputies as the second female seen in a video tape engaging in sex with a dog. Kanitz was arrested at her place of employment on September 18, 2013.

The other two suspects, Josephine Erikson and Christopher Jackson, were previously arrested on the same charges.

The video tape showing all three suspects with the dog was secured by deputies in a search warrant of Jackson’s Chandler home.

According to the grand jury indictment, Jackson, Erikson and Kanitz stand accused of knowingly engaging in oral sex, sexual contact and sexual intercourse with a dog.

Christopher Jackson, Josephine Erikson ,

Christopher Jackson, Josephine Erikson

Arpaio says the investigation is continuing as deputies are determining whether there are any more suspects involved in this case.

“All crimes involving animals, including bestiality, are a priority for my deputies,” Arpaio says. “And while neglect and abuse of animals is inexcusable in my opinion, acts of bestiality like the ones seen on this video tape are incomprehensible.”

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