Audit finds Buehler-Garcia eligible for matching funds

The Buehler-Garcia Campaign has been notified by the Tucson City Clerk that an audit of campaign finance reports has been completed, and the Buehler-Garcia campaign has been determined to be eligible for public matching funds.

Consistent with other candidates in this year’s Tucson City Council race, Buehler-Garcia signed a public matching funds contract that makes him eligible to receive a dollar for dollar match for certain contributions up to $55,518.96 if his campaign agreed to limit total spending to $111,037.92 and received at least 200 contributions from City residents.

At the close of the September 16 reporting period, the Buehler-Garcia campaign had raised $62,559.50 with an additional $2,200 in donations received since that time. Those figures place the campaign $9,140 over its fundraising goal should it choose to draw from all the matching funds for which it is eligible.

The campaign exceeded its fundraising goal by over $9,000.

A final decision has not been made regarding which donations will be returned. Buehler-Garcia’s campaign manager, Greg Harris, said it is likely that some funds will be returned to Political Action Committees so that they may invest those funds in other qualified candidates.

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