Thorpe calls Grand Canyon shut down “mean spirited”

Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe is known as a very soft spoken man, so when he speaks out, people listen. He is speaking out now against the government shut down by the Obama administration of the Grand Canyon, which is devastating his constituents.

“Last week, Governor Brewer, Senate President Biggs and House Speaker Tobin petitioned the Interior Department and the Director of the Grand Canyon National Park with an offer of State assistance / funding in order to reopen the park,” said Thorpe. “According to some estimates, approximately $1.3 million is spent daily by tourists at the park as well as in the surrounding northern Arizona communities.”

“However, even when considering the huge negative economic impact on our communities, private businesses and jobs, Arizona’s offer of assistance has been repeatedly rejected,” continued Thorpe. “This rejection has not only endangered the livelihood of park employees, but that of our citizens and the experiences of visitors as well.”

“Similar to President Obama’s response to His sequestration by the closing of White House tours to our grade school children, and now with police barricades and the threat of arrest baring aging veterans from visiting “their” World War II Memorial in Washington DC, the actions of the Obama administration seem far less motivated by a desire to promote public / national interests and much more about being politically vindictive, with absolutely no concern for the American people. Reports have even surfaced where the federal government has attempted to close numerous privately owned facilities across our nation, such as George Washington’s historic Mount Vernon home.”

Thorpe said in conclusion, “These mean-spirited actions appear to be geared at inflicting the greatest amount of inconvenience and harm to our citizens and visitors, merely for short term political gain.”

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