“I should have the right to remain anonymous online” debate sheduled

computer-woman-obamacare“I should have the right to remain anonymous online” is the title of a debate which will touch on cyberbullying, freedom of expression, data security and citizen-based journalism at 6 p.m., October 22 at ASU’s West campus. A web application will be used to solicit questions from audience members, who will have the opportunity to submit and vote on questions they want to be posed to the debaters.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their mobile devices to the 90-minute debate, which will take place in the La Sala Ballroom at 4701 W. Thunderbird Road in Phoenix. It is free and open to the public. Visitor parking on campus costs $2 per hour.

Dan Gillmor, an internationally recognized author and leader in new media and citizen-based journalism, and Jillian C. York, the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will argue in favor of the debate’s motion.

Sheri Bauman, a Professor and Director of the Counseling and Mental Health Master’s degree program at the University of Arizona, who works with the Civility Fund, and Jason Weinstein, a partner at Steptoe & Johnson LLP, where he concentrates his practice on white-collar criminal defense, and privacy and data security matters, will argue against it.

Alexander Halavais, an Associate Professor of Sociology in ASU’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, will moderate the debate.


  1. there was a news item released yesterday of the the volumes of ‘facebook’ files and buddy lists – etc. of peoples being consumed for ‘later use’ by the new Amerikan NSA – on a daily basis – looking for ‘terrorists’ as defined by them…. the repression is underway – buckle up

  2. I do not buy or support the advertisers of the local newspaper called the Arizona Daily Star.
    Starve the beast with your buying decisions and they will fold like a cheap suit.

  3. There is no noteworthy news in the RedStar. They will not report stories which puts their agenda in the wrong light. The paper is ready to fold.

  4. I have noticed that the apparently unmoderated Red Star Facebook comments are full of bullying and personal attacks. Scary to think some cyber bully knows their victim’s full name.

    This has let to very few comments in the newspaper as more and more readers “learn their lesson.”

    Over the years I observed how many Red Star stories were disproved and debunked in the comments when comments were anonymous. When they wiped out all the comments of the past years all these stories suddenly became “true” that is to say, “undisputed” again! Hilarious hypocrisy for the paper that “invited comments.”

    • As a Dan Eff pointed out in one of the recent comments on ADS, the move to Facebook has been the death of conversation. Yes there is some traffic by a few but not near the volume or range of opinions as with the anonymous posting. Gone is the rapid fire back-and-forth repartee especially between the top 20-30 posters. As Poster #9 (from volume of 2010-2013) I must admit I was a bit addicted to checking back in on the conversations and adding a few things here and there. My click count is down dramatically and I haven’t purchased a single product off ADS website since the transition (I had purchased restaurant coupons and maid service previously). I now check ADS only once or twice a day skimming very quickly through the front page, selected articles, and the LTEs.
      Civility may have improved a bit as the hot-head extremists on both ends have dropped out, but the sniping and rudeness is still there. An LTE on Sunday compared GOP members to Muslim terrorists. How about that for blasting 1/3rd of Americans in a completely uncivil statement?

  5. Sheri Bauman with the “Civility Fund” will be there. What a joke that is. Where is all the money for that piece of utopian paradise going? It’s only a ploy by Democrats to stop free speech because only Republicans & Conservatives are criticized. Obama can call his “enemies” extortionist, racist, stupid teabaggers, as well as have his acolytes rail with even more profanity and vulgarity. I’m tired of the hypocrisy of the self anointed purist. They are nothing but control hungry socialist who want to run our lives according to their agenda. I’d like to see an audit of the “civility fund”. We could count how many conservative vs. progressives have been called on the carpet.

  6. At the symposium, Sheri and Jason will provide their private phone numbers and addresses. Inmates, identity thieves and the Sinaloa Cartel want to know, they have their rights.

  7. REDSTAR kicked me off their comment section about 5-6 times because they can’t handle the truth. The paper is an example of yellow journalism and an affront to free speech.

  8. The REDSTAR shut down their opinion section because they do not like to be criticized. So when I disagree, I email the writer of the story. The outing of people is akin to bullying. People should be able to comment anonymously without fear of retribution. FACEBOOK is a government sponsored site to spy on people. Bottom line is that democrats are a bunch of liars because they are stupid.

  9. On-line anonymity? That’s kind of a poor joke these days. Tucson’s worthless rag, the Arizona Daily Star, now even wants you to be on Facebook to be able to comment on any item. Facebook and other forms of “social media” are almost totally responsible for the lack of on-line privacy. BillyB’s comment above is well-taken.

  10. all in attendance will be filmed- facial recognition and IP address noted and you’ll be forever followed by the new national ID service entity in Utah – the elephant left never forgets anything – sounds like a campaign slogan to me if I’ve ever heard one.

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