Papke brings new energy to Tempe City Council race

tempeBy Jason Tillmann

If you are going to take an oath, it is important to mean it.” – Matthew Papke

I traveled to the heart of downtown Tempe, AZ where I found a very vibrant college town whose downtown area was very full of life on this Thursday evening. I was there to meet a young Republican that is running for Tempe City Council on a platform built on “compassion and common sense” by the name of Matthew Papke. I encourage you to take the time to watch this comprehensive interview to learn about this stimulating candidate, recorded on September 26th, 2013.

In this interview, Matthew Papke shares with us what ultimately inspired him to get involved in politics and what his role in local government ideally should be. He says, “I started reading all these biographies and all these autobiographies about all the Presidents that I could get my hands on and especially, the first thirty or forty years. Those people really did some amazing things to get us in a situation where we have a government that should be for the people, by the people, of the people.”

Papke continues, “The Constitution is there to restrain the government; it’s the people’s duty to restrain the government. I am running for city council in Tempe, and I feel like the government in Tempe needs a little restraining.”

When I asked Mr. Papke what had inspired him to run for a city council, he referred to a quote that he liked that says, “In order to change Government, you have to become government.” He shows this in his actions but also in his encouragement of the concerned to be more involved in their local elections and active in local government, referring to how the decisions that our elected city officials make effect us most directly. He speaks to restrain the government; however, he adversely says that it is imperative to also have an open and unrestrained internet because we as a nation are in “need of a revolution of ideas”. He speaks of the virtue of taking part in your own governance and the importance of having an informed population of citizens. Papke continues, “You have to get involved. This is the mechanism. The people can restore the republic.”

Also in this interview, I ask Matthew about his prior experience working with civic, community or governmental organizations. He gives some insight into what in his own Republican political philosophy motivates and inspires him the most. He gives his position into what he believes is the most important concerns facing the city of Tempe today. Papke not only speaks of the middle class but also acknowledges and shares his concerns for the homeless people who are suffering in the streets of Tempe. We also discuss some of the disadvantages of the Tempe light rail and how it effects college students as well as the residents of Tempe. One of the platforms of Papke’s campaign is running on the idea of food freedom. He candidly shares his vision on what the GMO free food movement is all about and how it can empower the people. We continued with a straightforward discussion of GMO food and how it effects us all. Lastly, Matthew Papke shares his absolute favorite thing concerning our United States Constitution.

If you are located in the Tempe area, Matthew Papke will be hosting an event called Freedom Under the Stars this Friday evening, October 18th. The event features the amazing musical performer Jordan Page. Seats are limited to 100 people, so be sure to get your tickets here.

To find out more info about Jordan Page visit:


  1. as a life long Tucsonian it’s kind of amazing to me that Tucson now ranks about number 4 or 5 in size of city in the state – as well as far behind that in local opportunity ; the new proposed ‘Baja Arizona” being so appropriate to local political conditions and actions – Good Luck Mr. Papke who understands that “Those people really did some amazing things to get us in a situation where “we have a government that should be for the people, by the people, of the people.”…. it seems like a fading dream to me looking at all levels of government which now seems to be ‘do unto them and get what’s in it for me before they do unto me’ and the world watches as we fail to govern ourselves in effective manner. The words have already been spoken by China that the dollar should be removed as the currency of the world monetary system – when that happens we’ll see a bubble burst like nothing we have ever seen.

    • Where are people like Mr. Papke in Tucson. We are so in need of a total cleansing from City Council to Board of Supervisors. God Bless you!

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