Tucson murder/suicide under investigation

Near 5900 S Randall Blvd
Near 5900 S Randall Blvd

Saturday morning, at 12:52 A.M. on October 26, 2013, Tucson Police Department officers responded to a report of a check welfare at a residence near 5900 South Randall Blvd. The caller advised 911 that a male and female were inside the residence and appeared to be deceased. Upon arrival, officers located a 35-year-old female and a 34-year-old male with obvious signs of trauma. Both were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Homicide Detectives responded to continue the investigation. They spoke to family members and examined physical evidence at the scene. They discovered that the male and female had a domestic relationship. The male lived at the home, and the female was there visiting. Family members of both the male and the female became concerned after they were unable to contact either of them throughout the evening. Members of both families went to the home to check their welfare and discovered their bodies inside the residence.

Detectives discovered gunshot trauma to the male and a handgun near his body. Detectives were unable to definitively determine the cause of death to the female but are looking into the the possibility that she was strangled. The preliminary findings indicate that the male murdered the female then shot and killed himself. Detectives are investigating the incident as a murder/suicide.

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