Tucson Police “simply sick and tired” of Kozachik’s attacks

Tucson Police officers’ jobs are getting tougher and tougher these days. Almost every day there is news of some violent crime, and just this month, Tucson won national notariety for the attacks on patrol officers and Border Patrol agents by immigration protestors who surrounded the officers while taking an illegal alien into custody.

None of that seems to bother the officers who know that they were just doing their job. However, it does appear that the lack of support and constant harping by Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik has caused them to speak out in an open letter to the community.

The Tucson Police Officers’ Association message to the Tucson Community:

Recently, the Arizona Daily Star published an interview with Councilman Steve Kozachik and unfortunately, the Tucson Police Officers Association once again finds itself in the unfortunate position of correcting a number of the falsehoods contained in that interview.

The Police Officers of this community are simply sick and tired of being inappropriately attacked over compensation and pension issues.

Councilman Kozachik inaccurately states in his interview that “we need to end the DROP,” which is a statewide employee retention system. What he fails to mention is that the DROP program rests solely in the control and authority of the state legislature who already has eliminated the program for future hires effective in 2012.

Of course, he also fails to mention that the DROP program actually saves the pension system money, by retaining employees longer, and for a lower rate of pay in retirement.

The falsehoods continue:

The Councilman states in his interview that we need “t-shirt security” instead of Police Officers to work large community events. This statement is categorically false. If an organization, group, or company want Police Officers at their event, they pay for them. This is not a General Fund obligation to the City.

Councilman Kozachik attacks the Mayor’s Protective Detail, which is also in charge of the Police Department’s Alternative Response Unit. This Unit serves multiple purposes, one of which is providing important law enforcement service to citizens over the phone. This has the dual benefit of reducing the amount of time a citizen must wait for an officer and freeing up officers in the street to respond to priority calls for service.

Interestingly, it has come to our attention that the Councilman may have recently given his Ward Office staff pay raises, while at the same time rejecting raises for other City employees. We have filed a Freedom of Information Request with the City Clerk’s Office to verify this information. We anticipate a quick response from the Clerk’s Office and we will release the information in a subsequent press release.

The Tucson Police Department has not seen a raise or a cost of living increase in over six years. The State Legislature has slashed our pensions. Our Officers have suffered through furloughs, cutbacks, increases in pension and medical contributions that lower take home pay, and more.

In short, we’ve suffered the same as many other citizens have here in Tucson during this economic downturn. Yet, our members additionally live through constant attacks on their profession that seem to have become the norm from those who call themselves leaders in our community.

Enough is enough.

The Tucson Police Officers Association remains angry and puzzled over Councilman Kozachik’s statements and actions. In one breath, the councilman speaks to the importance of “truth and accuracy” but in the next breath provides inaccurate and untruthful information.

The Police Officers of our community are not to blame for the budget downturn nor is cutting their wages or benefits an acceptable solution for it.

As a council member, Mr. Kozachik has a responsibility to ensure he is putting out honest information to the citizens of this community rather than obscuring the real issue by spreading misinformation. He owes the public the “truth and accuracy” he refers to. It’s the very least he can do.

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  1. I’m sick of all the politicos in this town except Ally Miller. Replace the rest. make Kasputnik the first one out.

  2. we’ve had cars broken into – we’ve had trucks stolen – we’ve had vandalism occur – we’ve had theft’s from our trucks – repeated incidents of the above – we call – they tell us to go online and fill out a form.. no one shows up no one does anything. I’ve gotten a ticket for a quarter size rock that hit my windshield – cracking it – we had it fixed – we had ‘two of them at the same time’ which were both repaired in timely manner… aaahhh but one ticket said – show up for court in the small print, the other for the exact same infraction – no appearance required ; cost the business $300 for the windshields – but $700.00 to get my license reinstated! for not appearing??!!! along with $300.00 more for the fine of not appearing.. all for a quarter sized chip in the windshield road hazard… that was fixed…! Not to mention that I was driving around with a suspended license, so had I had an accident, my fault or not, I would have been at fault and without a license, my insurance would not have paid… all for one little rock and ‘ a ticket form that does not read the same twice’ for the exact same infraction???? There was “no out of this” — they took the money PERIOD. ; They collected – then they gave my employee a ticket, but said he had another one pending for “no insurance” so as the law states, they impounded my work truck – with contents – we had to go down and get that back out – then pay to have the truck get out of jail impound yard – as it turns out, my employee was correct he did have the insurance, they had a bad record – that impound cost me $1,200.00!! and a lost days work getting my truck back… for no reason what so ever – I did nothing but get up and breath that morning… They seem to be plenty in hand to fine you, to harass you – as they do near my home ; they’ll run up behind a car and stay on the bumper of the car to see if they can scare you into a mistake… that is pure intimidation – I’ve followed an officer who was doing exactly that.. they have done the same to my daughter of 19. When they have a “show of force” and high enforcement zone, they’ll ticket you for anything they can – I was also again ticketed for making a left turn but not staying in the center lane ‘long enough’ the law reads ‘ practicable’ as the time required to remain in center lane – the judge simply said, “my definition is different than your’s – GUILTY – $250.00 – again, I didn’t do anything other than turn at 0710 in the morning the same turn I make 350 days a year… this one cost $250.00 … no speeding, no other issues, no other tickets, no other racing, no other anything – including any other traffic in the way… I was the only car turning left… “a high enforcement zone” translated mean’s they are collecting in your area… all that do anything we be collected upon. Said the troll to the citizen… fee fie fooo fum.. I smell the money of a citizen… and I want to take it… who do you trust, the thief or the one that wears a badge to do his bidding – I’ve had much more damage and harm done by those that say they are here to serve and protect than the thief. Just my ‘personal experience’ ….

  3. Too bad the Republicans couldn’t find anyone to run against this degenerate. Come on common sense conservative. We’ve got to stand up if we’re ever going to get out of this mess.

  4. I have always received excellent service from TPD the very few times I’ve had to call them. I’ve always found TPD officers to be professional, efficient and polite. Of course if you’ve committed a crime and gotten caught you may not like the treatment you receive from TPD even though you probably deserve it. When Kozachik was elected I thought he would be a bright spot in the otherwise dim world of the city council. Too bad he turned out to be just another loudmouthed politician with some agenda other than the one he should be following.

  5. Mr. Kozachik is a turn coat – his district had their votes stolen by this thief in politicians clothing – that he now has problems with the police.. oh well… the TPD will get no support from me – they bring on themselves the disrespect they earn from Tucson’s citizens’ – they have made themselves into a mini-militarized force that has set its focus on intimidation of the population in the name of law – “to serve and collect’ – the call of last resort – the leadership does nothing – the department is out of control. Yes there are very bright spots and members of the TPD that function above and beyond the call – they are not the norm. Like many COT departments – TPD is in need of serious restructure and revitalization of its mission. They need to understand,’it’s not them against us’ – which seems to be the current status quo.

  6. Mr. Kozachik – You owe an apology for the lack of care you took in preparing for your interview. Your lack of care resulted in you making false statements during your interview that gave the wrong information to the public. QA/QC is a good thing. Check the facts before opening mouth and inserting your foot.

  7. Ah, since when has little Stevie put out honest information. I agree with the union in this case, a politician lying about a city department in order to get elected is nothing new, but for a city councilman to belittle a city department in public is just plain wrong. Its time for little Stevie to go back to work full time at the UofA and simply keep his mouth shut. Sad that there was no officer available to cite him him for taking a whiz in public when he whipped it out and pissed on a wall to relieve himself while jogging. That would be poetic justice.

  8. Not to worry Tucson Police. No one listens to a two faced BSer. Not many listen to the City Council for that matter. I would suggest that you ask them what they’ve done well lately. Kudos to your men for clearing out the threatening Occupiers without anyone getting seriously hurt during the illegal immigration stop. Thanks for your duty.

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