Over 1 ton high grade pot seized in Yavapai County

ycso truckOn October 24, 2013, around 7 a.m., Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office K9 deputies stopped a tractor/trailer rig on east I40 between Seligman and Ashfork, Arizona. The deputy initially noticed an equipment violation involving the trailer’s splash guards but during further observation, he saw the truck swerve over the fog line in the number 2 lane of travel. Due to the violations, the K9 deputy conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver, Peng Law, 44, from Sunnyvale, California. There was also a passenger in the vehicle identified as Bing Huang, 45, from San Jose, California.

While conversing with Law and Huang, the K9 deputy noticed numerous signs of deception and both appeared much more nervous than the innocent motoring public. The occupants were unable to answer basic questions that two persons sharing a destination would commonly know. A review of the documents provided by the driver led to additional suspicions of illegal drug trafficking. Based on the deputy’s training and experience in light of these factors, he suspected Law and Huang were transporting drug contraband. Another member of the K9 team, a certified commercial truck driver, had already discovered several discrepancies in required documentation kept by the drivers. At this point, a deputy asked for and received consent from both occupants to search the tractor and trailer.

Prior to the search, the deputy deployed his fully certified K9 partner along the trailer for an exterior sniff of the container. The K9 immediately and aggressively alerted to an odor along the length of the trailer. After opening the trailer doors, deputies quickly detected a very strong odor of marijuana. The 53’ trailer held several stacks of cardboard packing boxes. Sample content from one of the boxes revealed high grade marijuana packed in heavy duty vacuum sealed plastic bags. Due to the enormous quantity of boxes, the load was transported to a secure location for further inspection. Each box was unloaded and examined. Although a few boxes with clothing were found, the majority of boxes in this load contained carefully packaged marijuana. The total weight of this load was calculated at 2350 pounds with an estimated market value of 8,225,000 dollars. The content was packaged and labeled in a sophisticated manner so as to aid in distribution. It is believed the load was destined for locations along the east coast.

Law and Huang were arrested and eventually booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center on charges including Transportation of Marijuana for Sales and Possession of Marijuana for Sales. Both remain in-custody, each on a 15 million dollar bond.

The tractor and trailer were seized pending forfeiture proceedings in court. Suspect statements were not disclosed as of this writing. The investigation is ongoing.

Sheriff Mascher was present as the truck was unloaded and expressed his gratitude to the K9 team for their outstanding efforts in stemming the flow of drugs in and through Yavapai County.

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