Bipartisan resolution introduced for Native American Indian Veterans Day

[US Department of Defense photo]

On Wednesday, Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, introduced a bipartisan resolution to establish every Nov. 7 as a national Native American Indian Veterans Day. Twenty of her colleagues from the Native American Caucus have signed on in support.

Kirkpatrick’s resolution would honor the service of Native Americans in the Armed Forces by designating Nov 7, a date during Native American Indian Heritage Month, as Native American Indian Veterans Day. More than 150,000 Native Americans have served or fought for the United States.*

Kirkpatrick, who grew up on the White Mountain Apache Nation in eastern Arizona, is Arizona’s only member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee and is Ranking Member of its Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.

“We all know the noble legacy of the Code Talkers, but many folks are unaware that Native Americans have a greater proportion of veterans than the general U.S. population,” Kirkpatrick said. “My resolution would set aside a day for our grateful nation to honor their service and sacrifice.”

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  1. if you go to the homes of the Indian Veterans – these veterans regard their service with a very high degree of honor in having provided for and serving the nation – display of this is common in the home – I’d say perhaps more so than many a home – who’s driving this ‘special ‘difference’ – I don’t think it the vets themselves.

  2. “My resolution would set aside a day for our grateful nation to honor their service and sacrifice.”………… ? are we UNITED or aren’t we? When we are side be side are we separate.. one Veteran’s Day is plenty for all Vets

    • Agree completely. All this feel-good crap just serves to divide us even more than Obama already has. I’m a Viet Nam vet and look at all of my brothers-in-arms as veterans, just veterans, no matter their ethnicity. If this keeps up we’ll all be citizens of the EX-USA.

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