TUSD loss report shows need for internal auditor

On August 19, 2013, TUSD received a formal Request for Information, based on information from District sources that there was $1.2 million in equipment missing from Tucson Magnet High School. The District denied that such a report existed.

Under Superintendent Sanchez’s leadership, the District has clamped down on sharing information with anyone including Governing Board members. However, a follow up a request for information was presented to TUSD requesting year-end inventory reports that, according to former principals, are required to be prepared and signed by each principal.

Again the District denied that any such reports exist. After over 2 months from the date of the original request, the only report received was not responsive to the original request, however, it did reveal startling mismanagement.

The report reveals that in total there is $1.5 million worth of equipment lost which according to the report. Although, most school districts of this size employ an internal auditor which members of the TUSD governing board have requested for the past five years.

This summary report reflects the percentage of District assets disposed of or missing:

Computer equipment $989,000 16%
Audio Visual equipment$197,000 36%
Handicap equipment77,000 28%
Athletic equipment $18,000 41%

*percent of total no longer in the possession of TUSD

The details by location clearly indicates a problem of asset control during the past three years at Tucson Magnet High School and Rincon accounted for the vast majority of missing equipment as more than 70% of the missing equipment is at these two schools.

Tucson High956,413  62.99%
Rincon High134,2438.84%
Ajo Way Service Center 76,9665.07%
Howenstine High 52,6233.47%
Hohokam Middle 46,217 3.04%
All Other Sites251,86416.59%
Grand Total1,518,325100.00%

Tucson Magnet High School was under the control and supervision of the current superintendent of High Schools.

Governing Board member Mark Stegeman has fought for tighter controls and hiring an inside auditor. He has been unsuccessful in his efforts.

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