Arizona’s Prosperity Plan now available

The American Issues Policy Group of the Patriots of SaddleBrooke, a non-partisan conservative community action group, has just published its first book, Arizona’s Prosperity Plan, Public Policy Alternatives.

The American Issues Policy Group, an in-house think tank of and for the Patriots of SaddleBrooke, specifically covers 13 chapters with the focus of creating jobs in Arizona, improving processes and metrics in different fields, and making specific recommendations for improvement.

Chapters cover Private Sector Jobs and Regulatory Reform, Reversing America’s Energy Death Spiral, Real Border Security and Immigration Reform, Health Care, Education (K-12), Tort and Tax Reform, Transportation, Water Resources, Federal Land, Higher Education, Federal Funds Appropriations, Government Transparency, and Disaster Recovery. The book is into its second printing.

Arizona’s Prosperity Plan, Public Policy Alternatives is being well-received with many customers purchasing multiple copies as gifts. The public policy alternatives presented are not a panacea but are meant to provoke thought and discussion.

Books can be ordered through the Patriots of SaddleBrooke, P.O. Box 8814, Catalina, AZ 85739.

Checks are payable to the Patriots of SaddleBrooke in the amount of $21.00 (includes shipping and handling).

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  1. The American Issues Policy Group has several posts on ADI about right-sizing federal departments. The articles are worth reading, as is Arizona’s Prosperity Plan.

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