More consultants, big plans keep Rio Nuevo unchanged

rioWhile the Rio Nuevo Board voted 5-2 to proceed with a name change contest, nothing in yesterday’s Board meeting shows that anything has changed.

It appears as if the Board is gearing up to convince the public for the need to raise $100,000,000 million dollars to rehabilitate the TCC and to “activate the surrounding area” in partnership with the city, county, and state in order to “find a way to finish Rio Nuevo’s mission.” The Board voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to accept the Arizona Office of the Auditor General’s conclusions in its recent audit, which was performed by C.H. Johnson Consulting, out of Chicago.

In what many described as a highly unusual statement from an auditor, Johnson claimed that the Board “gained the credibility of the stakeholders and deserved a chance to oversee the completion of the downtown revitalization,” according to a statement released by the Board.

The board also unanimously authorized a contribution of $40,000 toward the $125,000 for yet one more consultant, Urban Land Institute, to conduct a site visit and make recommendations regarding the future of the multi-jurisdictional lands around and west of the TCC. Other participants include the city, the county, Pima Association of Government and the private sector. ULI will present their recommendations in a public forum this Friday.

The Board, in a 5 to 2 split vote, elected to continue with the name change contest proposed by the NonProfit News Source and authorized the contest rules. While the Board’s lawyer claims that the District can legally change its name, only Board members Cody Ritchie and Jeff Hill recognized that a name change was merely cosmetic.

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