Arizona’s Green Party fails to qualify for ballot

GREEN-PARTYOne of Arizona’s five recognized political parties has failed to attain the required number of registered voters to qualify for continued representation on the ballot.

Arizona’s Green Party was recently notified by the Secretary of State’s office it did not attain 21,499 electors to preserve continued recognition on the ballot. The Americans Elect party also failed to meet this number; however, it retains new party status for next year’s election cycle.

According to state law, a political party is required to have at least five percent of the total number of votes cast for governor or presidential electors. In addition, parties are entitled to continued representation on the ballot if they maintain two-thirds of one percent of the total number of registered voters.

To qualify for recognized party status, new parties must file 23,041 valid signatures with the Secretary of State by February 27, 2014.

“Political parties play an important role in our system of elections,” said Secretary Bennett. “While the Green Party has fallen off the list of Arizona’s recognized parties, we’re told it has already begun circulating petitions seeking recognition for 2014. We look forward to its return.”

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  1. Exactly right Larry. They are societal misfits that can no longer be considered serious entities. Let’s make GLOBAL WARMING the last farce. Maybe they could be come artists or painters.

    • One must ask, where has been the environmentalist outrage over the trampling of our borderlands by the “traveling Latinos”. Answer: it’s non existent. Their communist agenda (open borders) crowds out all logic and true environmental concerns. Phonies.

  2. Environmentalism, the last refuge for communists and their agenda to control everybody and everything on earth. “Green” is merely a means to a goal of control.

  3. The whole movement has gotten a little “green” around the gills. It didn’t help that global warming believers have been proven to have been duped by their favorite politicians.

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