Pima Community College Board votes to restrict tobacco use

Pima Community College’s Governing Board has approved a policy restricting use of smoking, e-cigarettes and tobacco products to designated areas on PCC property. The Board voted to approve Board Policy 2304 at a meeting on December 11.

The policy limits smoking, e-cigarettes and tobacco product use to designated outside areas on PCC property in order to comply with A.R.S. 36-601.01 (Smoke-Free Arizona Act) and related Pima County code provisions and City of Tucson ordinances.

Board Policy 2304 replaces SPG-2303/AA, which exceeded the minimum requirements of A.R.S. 36-601.01. The SPG prohibited smoking in all buildings owned or leased by PCC. It also banned smoking within 25 feet of entrances and exits, fresh-air grills, as well as in other seating areas, such as baseball fields.

Designated smoking areas have been determined after gathering feedback from the college community. They will be ready for use in 2014.

These designated areas will have a defined perimeter and will be clearly marked with signage. Ashtrays and benches will be provided at each designated area. Also, all entrance signs will be updated to reflect the new policy.

In addition, the college will provide smoking-cessation information to students and employees.


  1. The restrictions being placed on the use of e-cigs are especially odious to me. This product is very useful to smokers who need nicotine to function, and especially useful to smokers who are quitting nicotine.

  2. I use to smoke, and today’s cigarette smoke is offensive and at one time I recall when cigarette smoke smelled OK, like cigars do now.

    However, I find the restriction of smokers to defined areas, much like gun free zones and suppression of economic freedom, an infantile demonstration of power and control for the , not a public safety issue, which in this regard, is of no concern to anyone, but our own.

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