Arizona senators vote for cloture

congress capitol hillThe Ryan-Murray budget deal passed the Senate Cloture vote 67-33 with both Arizona Senators voting for cloture. The budget deal will reinstate parts of the sequestration cuts, partially on the backs of veteran retiree pension benefits including disabled veterans. Only 12 GOP senators voted for cloture with the vote mostly on party lines in the Senate. Final passage of the two-year budget is expected this week.

While Jeff Flake has remained silent on the budget deal, John McCain has been actively promoting it. On the Senate floor Tuesday, McCain said Republicans voting against cloture lack “intellectual integrity.” McCain claims he supports the bill to “avoid another shutdown of the government” and that it is irresponsible to vote no without an “alternative.”

The bill increases spending by 63 billion over the next two years. The spending increases are split between defense and non-defense spending. There are multiple fee increases and other spending cuts to balance the increased spending over the next ten years.

Four Arizona members of congress voted for the budget while five voted no, but the budget passed the House on an easy 332-94 vote last week.

Arizona Congressional delegation roll call:

Yes votes:

Kirkpatrick (D)
Barber (D)
Pastor (D)
Sinema (D)

No votes:

Grijalva (D)
Gosar (R)
Salmon (R)
Schweikert (R)
Franks (R)

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