2013 Person of the Year: The Wrath of McCain

the-best-of-mckahnMainstream media outlets, self-proclaimed arbiters of good and bad, make much of their selections for Person of the Year. Their views reflect those of America’s tiny elite and not the views of its majority.

So, as a group of regular Americans, the staff of the American Daily Independent reflects upon the past year and all it has brought us. There are particular activities and people who stand out among the rest for various reasons. Some of those individuals impacted our lives greatly for the better, but there are even more who stand out among the rest as just being plain awful.

Despite the year’s long list of dubious achievers, Arizona’s own senior Senator John McCain, epitomized the harsh and cynical nature of 2013 better than anyone.

Few can scale the heights of BS or dive into the depths of depravity as well or willingly as John McCain. Some may argue that President Obama should be ADI’s 2013 Person of the Year. However, unlike McCain, everyone knows where Obama is coming from. McCain either has no objectives or deliberately obscures his intentions from public view.

McCain’s town hall meetings on Syria this past summer best demonstrated this. First of all, meeting organizers provided little public notice and planned meeting times during workdays. Photos emerged from those in attendance of the townhalls in Tucson and Phoenix, which were held on the same day, featuring many of the same people in the audience at both events; these were the people that McCain chose to speak to during his public appearance Q & A sessions. These plants appeared wherever McCain was and largely advocated for involving the U.S. in a Syrian conflict. He pretended as though they never met before, much to the disgust of the crowds who were largely ignored in the Q &A session. McCain appeared to be strangely comfortable in his surroundings. Clearly, he was at ease because he knew who was in the audience.

The same can be said of McCain’s appearance in Tucson featuring members of the community directly impacted by the Tucson shootings of 2011 in which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords suffered a traumatic brain injury, and several others either died or were seriously injured. https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2013/08/15/conservatives-say-mccain-staged-tucson-town-hall/

When it comes to border security, McCain has been all over the place, but we know where he stands. In the event he speaks to the public about border issues, he never invites ranchers along the border dealing with the threats, violence and property damage daily. We never hear McCain speak of agents Nick Ivey or Brian Terry, who lost their lives due to cartel activity along the border. Also noticably absent from McCain’s appearances is Sue Krentz, the widow of rancher Rob Krentz, who was fatally shot in March of 2010 when an illegal entered his property.

We do not see these victims because they do not fit the McCain narrative.

It appears that he hasn’t come across a war he doesn’t want others to fight. McCain wished to subject our troops to involvement in Syria to fight alongside radical Islamic extremists, such as Al-Quaida, who continue to kill our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We must also credit McCain for being a puppet master in the Senate and in the state of Arizona. No republican makes it in or out of a primary alive without his approval. His political hacks run roughshod over their Party faithful. His Party would rather run one of his hand selected candidates over and over again to lose over and over again rather than earn the Wrath of McCain.

McCain used his Senate puppets, Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio, then left them in a damaged state from which they are unlikely to recover. In Flake’s case, he is not even trying to recover. He is simply not bright enough to know he is damaged. Perhaps Flake will understand that he is done when he faces real competition in the next primary, ala McCain cohort Lindsey Graham.

So many failures; so little space or time in 2013 to name them all. But worst of all, John McCain has more disdain for the public than the mainstream media folks do. We honor Senator McCain with the 2013 Person of the Year – a dubious achievement award. We are hopeful that John recognizes this award as the apex of his political career and bows out at its height.

If not, surely McCain will leave some day….  and when he does…. he will be one of the most hated politicians in American history. We at ADI are proud to kick start that legacy.