Illegal entrant gets security clearance and access to U.S. AF base

1-pinal-illegalOn Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 7 p.m. a Pinal County Sheriff’s deputy stopped a 2006 Ford Expedition westbound on Interstate-10 near milepost 180 for a traffic violation.

The driver of the vehicle initially identified himself with an Arizona Identification Card as Armando Villalobos (age 37 of Phoenix). The deputy did a routine license status and warrant check. Armando returned with a “No License” status and a felony warrant for his arrest out of Texas. The warrant showed Armando should have five tattoos and provided a description for them. The deputy while trying to confirm Armando was the suspect wanted for the warrant asked to see his tattoos. Armando told the deputy he didn’t have any tattoos and then became very nervous.

After a brief conversation, Armando admitted that he was in the United States illegally and his name is really Mario Bustamante. Mario was arrested by the deputy and taken to the U.S. Border Patrol station in Casa Grande and his identity was confirmed as Mario Bustamante (age 37 of Mexico).

A PCSO Property Crime detective responded and took over the investigation.

Mario told the detective he currently works for “Briston Construction” out of Mesa. The company was contracted by Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to complete work. Mario had obtained a “security clearance” through the military to work on the base under the name of “Armando Villalobos.” He said that he obtained the Arizona Identification Card, a Social Security Card, a Bank Card and his vehicle registration all using the fake name of “Armando Villalobos” because he was in the United States illegally from Mexico and didn’t want to get caught.

Mario Bustamante was booked into the Pinal County Jail for – Taking or Using the Identity of Another Person and Possession of a Forged Device. An immigration hold will also be placed on him and his vehicle was seized.

Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “Mario Bustamante was able to obtain numerous fraudulent credentials and even a security clearance on a high security military airbase. It begs the question of who else has access to our secure military facilities that may have sinister plans? I guess President Obama and the Senate Gang of Eight will likely defend suspect Bustamante saying this illegal was only trying to work and he really didn’t intend to break any laws, but the system is stacked against him.”


  1. The current GOP party supports people like McCain, Flake, Boehner, McConnell and McSally. If you give them money they will give it to the Karl Roves and we’ll get the same old candidates we always get from the establishment GOP party. Don’t give to the party but give directly to the candidate that is conservative and will march us towards freedom. Pretty simple.

  2. A very key phrase, please focus: “The driver of the vehicle initially identified himself with an Arizona Identification Card…”

    The ID Card was issued by our own AZ Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), of the Department of Transportation. The director came out of the closet last week to admit the issuance of AZ drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens. Total chutzpah

    Janet Napolitano re-created our MVD to be a facilitator agency for illegal alien criminals, and nothing has been done to cure that under our current McGovernor. Just ask our law enforcers about the damage that is being done by this agency. You just won’t believe it.

    God bless America.

  3. Whoever reviewed his credentials was asleep at the switch or paid off. Please take a look at how credentials are verified. This guy slipped through a huge crack.

  4. This is what happens when E-VERIFY isn’t used. Fingerprints don’t lie either. Had a proper background investigation been completed by the Briston Construction and the Air Force, this guy would have been back in a Texas jail cell a long time ago. This the border “security” that our foolish, gullible, and lying politicians want us to believe there is. It was this easy for this repeat illegal felon illegal alien moron to assume an identity, get onto a military base. How easy it would be for a trained terrorist to do the same.

  5. Welcome to the future of America. As soon as McCain and Flake can or it next year he will be a citizen. Scary. be careful for whom you vote. DEFUND the GOP now.

    • Almost every Democrat and some of the GOP are for amnesty. I don’t think we should defund GOP, instead work to elect non-amnesty GOP candidates in the primaries. Continue to call out RINOs like McCain and Flake.

  6. So, let me get this straight….. This man had a FELONY WARRANT against him from Texas, and NO DRIVER’S LICENSE, yet he was able to get a “security clearance” from the US Military allowing him to enter Davis Monthan, “a high security” AF Base….. and your entire focus is on the fact that he was here from Mexico, for purposes of working? I would venture to guess that you are also one of those people suffering from the delusion that the way to make our nation safe is to build higher and longer walls along all our borders.

    Are you completely unaware of the fact that the major cause of terrorism against the US, is our pattern of allowing corporations (esp. the war and fossil fuel industries) to propel us into wars all over the globe, in places where we are not wanted, and have no valid humanitarian reason to be, and where we continue to cause more harm to the civilian populations in those places than any of the circumstances we claim to be intervening to remedy…. all for corporate profit?

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