Chamber of Commerce moves to limit legislative session

Once again, Representative Jeff Dial is carrying water for the corporatists in Arizona. He has agreed to sponsor legislation for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, which would limit the length of the legislative session.

Last year, Dial was part of the Republican-Democrat caucus that fought for the expansion of Medicaid at the behest of the Chamber.

While the vast majority of Arizonans would love to see the Legislature have less time to do more damage, they would like the restraint to be on the part of the legislators themselves and not due to a change in the Constitution to restrict the people’s business with an arbitrary deadline created to accommodate the will of corporations.

However, if last years’ session was any indication, a handful of legislators were doing the people’s business and the rest, under Jan Brewer’s thumb and Steve Pierce’s shadow leadership, were doing the hospital’s and big pharma’s business.

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce, according to the Yellow Sheet, wants to limit “the regular legislative session to a mere 45 days. The session would start in February and run for 45 days. After that, the Legislature would meet two days per month, for a total of 65 working days in which the state’s business would be conducted.”

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