McCain meets with Soros as constituents count pennies

soros-mccainAs the leaders of Arizona’s Republican Party organized carpools and budgeted for the trip to the state’s Capitol for the yearly mandatory GOP meeting, Senator John McCain was half way across the globe meeting with billionaire George Soros. Stay-at-home moms, small business owners, college students, and retirees on fixed incomes, some traveling hundreds of miles, met in a Phoenix Valley church to tell their elected representative that he was too big not to fail them.

For years, McCain has ignored the needs of his constituents focusing instead on securing cheap employees for his chamber of commerce donors through “immigration reform,” “nation building” in Syria and the Ukraine, and gun control – all of which are widely opposed by the majority of his base and the majority of Arizonans.

In a resounding vote, the men and women state committee members of the Arizona Republican Party passed a resolution censuring the senator. Previously, 6 out of 15 Arizona counties, including Maricopa County, which has 63% of Arizona’s registered Republican voters, had censured McCain for disregarding the Party platform.

Because the Republican Party establishment had tried to make the move against McCain as difficult as possible, volunteers were forced to collect 200 signatures to bring the resolution to a vote. They succeeded in gathering more than double the required signatures. According to the Maricopa GOP newsletter, “Some 55% of the 704 early morning arrivals signed the petitions as they streamed into the parking lot.”

On January 23, McCain talked with Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Soros, best known for his support of progressive organizations such as and anti-Israeli groups, is Chairman of the Soros Fund Management group. According to an AFP report, “Some 40 world leaders gather in the Swiss ski resort Davos to discuss and debate a wide range of issues including the causes of conflicts plaguing the Middle East, and how to reinvigorate the global economy.”

It is McCain’s progressive stance that has caused his fellow Party members to reject him. That, and his continued abuse of them through name calling and personal attacks.

McCain’s former fellow Senator Jon Kyl attempted to minimize the significance of the Party’s support. However, the McCain camp thought it significant enough to spend money delivering his propaganda in a packet handed out to all attendees at Saturday’s meeting.

In a press conference after the meeting, the resolution’s author, Timothy Schwartz explained the ideological rift, “McCain always drafts legislation with Democrats, but never drafts legislation with members of his own Party. He never criticizes Democrats, yet he publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party.” Schwartz continued, “Senator McCain has ignored the people he represents. Washington’s power lure has thoroughly corrupted. But Arizona cannot be ignored any longer.”

Schwartz praised McCain’s war record but noted that while military service was honorable, McCain has done little for his constituents over the years. While his fiscally conservative constituents appreciate the fact that he hasn’t supported pork projects for them or others states, he has been very generous with military aid to other countries. Many Arizonans complain that there isn’t a war McCain doesn’t want to fight, but they are ready to fight one against him if he decides to run in 2016.


  1. Thanks to Mr. Schwartz and all of the volunteers who worked so hard to bring this matter to a vote, fighting the AZ McGOP all the way. This is a great success for AZ conservatives.

    But, we cannot sit back & relax. The AZ McGOP will now double-down on their efforts to get their McRINO candidates through the AZ primaries. It is incumbent that all conservatives continue to vet all “R” candidates, and share the information we find. We have to educate the low-information voters who area the lifeblood of the vampires at the AZ McGOP.

    Great job, State Delegates, keep up the good work in taking back our Party.

    God bless America.

  2. Congratulations to the Arizona GOP, which until recently has seemed like a loosly connected ragtag group that had no idea or purpose. Calling for McCain’s censure is perhape a sign that they will work together and stop the incessant infighting which only benefits the progressive left.

    We are stuck with McCain for the rest of his term and certainly we have no idea what sort of deal McCain cut for himself with Soros. One thing certain is John McCain Only works to benefit John McCain.

  3. Stacking town meetings with supporters was a low down Democrat trick that McCain employed. Expect more Soros style left-wing tricks from this Senator. The left is all about pretending things are different then they actually are and pandering to liberal news media so people won’t know they are being hoaxed. McCain follows this pattern.

    The fawning Red Star barely reported the censure but failed to mention how many counties previously censured McCain, the Soros meeting or how many voted for censure.

    Of course, the mainstream newspapers betray their little RINO pets when they are run against Democrats as in the Presidential election, pulling out all the stops to denigrate them. Then they go back to fawning as the gullible RINOs wonder what happened. It’s all about advancing the progressive agenda while weakening patriotism and conservatism.

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