Armed bank robber killed by Tucson Police identified

The name of the deceased suspect shot by officers following an armed robbery that occurred at the Chase Bank on February 22, 2014, has been released. He was identified as 44-year-old Armando Alvarez. Next of kin have been notified.

Detectives determined that Mr. Alvarez was the same suspect involved in an earlier bank robbery that occurred at 6257 East Broadway Boulevard. Moments after the robbery occurred, a citizen pointed out Mr. Alvarez to a responding officer and identified him as the bank robbery suspect. The officer attempted to make contact, but lost sight of him as he fled into a neighborhood west of the bank. As officers were attempting to locate him, a 911 call was received from a
residence in the 5600 block of East 9th Street. The complainant advised that someone had left a bicycle in his front yard, and one of the sheds in his backyard appeared tampered with.

Sergeant Jeremy Williams, Officer Jason Ives and Officer Jason Hollander responded to the residence to check the area. As they arrived, they made contact with the homeowner, who advised he saw something flash by his window and then located a bicycle in his front yard. Upon further inspection, the homeowner found that one of the sheds in the back yard appeared to be tampered with as the lock had been removed. The homeowners were evacuated from the home, and
officers checked the yard before concentrating on the specific shed in question. The officers attempted to call out Mr. Alvarez by voicing numerous commands and knocking on the shed to make their presence known. Ultimately, Mr. Alvarez opened the door and came out of the shed. After exiting, he turned to face the officers. At that time, all three officers noted that he had a black object in his right hand, and he was attempting to conceal his right hand behind his right leg. Officers gave him numerous commands to drop the object and show both of his hands. The suspect failed to comply. The suspect then made a quick, furtive movement and raised the object up, pointing it in the direction of the officers. At that time, all three officers discharged their duty weapons. The officers immediately rendered aid to Mr. Alvarez until paramedics arrived. He was transported to a local area hospital, where he was pronounced deceased shortly
after his arrival.

Detectives ultimately determined that the black object in Mr. Alvarez hand appears to be a tool, similar to an automotive filter wrench. All three officers involved in the shooting believed that the actions that Mr. Alvarez exhibited were indicative of him holding a gun and pointing it at them. During the investigation, detectives recovered Mr. Alvarez’s backpack in the shed. Inside the backpack, they located a black airsoft pistol that looked like a semi-automatic handgun.
They also located the money taken from the bank.

Sergeant Jeremy Williams is a 14-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department. Officer Jason Ives is a 7-year veteran, and Officer Jason Hollander has been with the department for just over a year and a half

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  1. he’s dead… wonder what the ‘rest of the story is to get to this point in this man’s life’

  2. I drove through there Saturday morning and must have just missed it. The TV media reported they had exchanged gunfire. Wrong again?

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