PANT serves search warrant in Chino Valley

Darrell Pombo
Darrell Pombo

On the early evening of March 11, 2014, detectives from the Partner’s Against Narcotics Trafficking (PANT) unit served a search warrant in the 1700 block of Tumbleweed Drive, Chino Valley. Detectives previously developed information the home’s occupants were involved in the manufacturing of dangerous drugs and in possession of the same. A suspect in this case was identified as 55-year-old Darrell Pombo.

Based on historical information related to Pombo and weapons violations, the YCSO Swat team was deployed to enter and clear the home for investigators.

The SWAT team did use a small explosive diversionary device upon entry, which may have been heard by neighbors. Suspect Pombo was located and detained.

Due to the possibility of contraband chemicals inside the home, a HazMat team was staged as part of the operation to assist as needed.

During a search of the home, detectives found several glass methamphetamine pipes, marijuana pipes and used syringes throughout. In a bathroom, detectives located a combination of chemicals and supplies commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. These items were carefully gathered under the supervision of trained HazMat personnel. Lastly, 3 “homemade” firearms, including one with a suppressor attached to the barrel, and a shotgun were recovered. Pombo is a prohibited firearms possessor based on a prior felony conviction.

Pombo was booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center on charges including Manufacture a Dangerous Drug, Possess Drug Paraphernalia, Manufacture Prohibited Weapon and multiple counts involving Prohibited Possession and Possession of a Deadly Weapon during a Felony.

The investigation is ongoing.

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