Raul needs your help: Sunday’s comic


You have to love the fact that Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats have been taken off message and are now forced to attack the Koch Brothers, instead of trying to defend their indefensible support for the failing Obamacare law.

The Koch Brothers are pouring in millions of dollars to defeat the vulnerable Democrats in the Senate and will most likely continue doing the same to vulnerable Democrats in the House, like Alan Grayson and Joe Garcia.

My advise to Reid and his minions is this, go for it, keep attacking the Koch Brothers. Republicans should be able to make gains in both chambers of Congress and maybe even take back the Senate, but only long as they continue to pound Democrats on Obamacare.

Stay away from the social issues-baiting the Democrats are sure to attempt.

From Harry Reid Hates The Koch Brothers by Javier Manjarres