Tucson’s leadership speaks: Sunday’s comic

rothschild-tucson-city-councilTucson City Councilwoman Regina Romero knows that the people over whom she governs are going hungry, homeless, and left at the mercy of strangers; however, she told one of their potentially saving forces, an employer who would provide sustenance producing jobs, that there was no room at the Tucson inn for them.

That is how it appears, at least, to many Christians in Southern Arizona upon hearing the news that the Councilwoman was pulling her support for a Grand Canyon University campus on Tucson’s west side.

Romero advised the general public of her decision to turn away the desperately needed job provider in an op-ed piece for the Arizona Daily Star after she warned key activists in the barrios of her decision to “betray” them and “rob their people of jobs,” according to those activists.

Romero wrote that while she recognized that Tucson is the 6th poorest metropolitan area in the country and “…early financial estimates said the University’s expansion could create more than 1,000 jobs at salaries averaging $60,000,” she “…decided against pursuing the opportunity further.”

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