Ultra-light aircraft crashes in Pima County, one dead

ultra-lightOn April 26, 2014, at approximately 9:30 p.m., the Pima County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a plane crash in the desert area northwest of Sahuarita Road and Wilmot Road. The male caller said the plane crashed a couple of days ago but he did not report it because of his immigration status. He did provided a general location where the plane could be located.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department Green Valley District and the Tucson Police Department Air Unit searched the area but could not locate the wreckage in the dark. The search was temporarily suspended until daylight.

On April 27, 2014, the Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Unit and the Sheriff’s Department Air Unit began resumed searching for the plain in the morning. The crash site was located by the Sheriff’s Department helicopter who directed the deputies to the location. When the deputies arrived, they found the burnt wreckage of an ultra-light aircraft and an unidentified deceased person.

The Sheriff’s Department Traffic Unit responded and took over the investigation.


  1. Yes, a world renowned veterinarian, and the veterinary community is deeply saddened and shocked by this tragedy.

  2. the person reporting the crash did so days after the crash – so the men in black team could come and clean up the place before the authorities were called to ‘come pay for the burial’ of our ‘friend’

  3. There’s a high probability that nefarious activities were going on here.

    For those engaged in criminal activities, the value placed on human life likely
    sits on a lower perch in their value system.

  4. the ultralight may well have been a drug flight – reported ‘after they removed the drugs from the area of the crash – a cost of doing business.

  5. Peace to those who lost their loved one in this accident. Was it necessary to show this gruesome photo?

    • A. I can not see anything other then something that may only be the plane or a bundle of pot, to me it is indiscernible.
      B. It is more outrageous that a human being is more worried about their legal status then possibly saving someone. How pathetic and self -centered, can I suppose that person also wants a free cell phone, medical, education for their kids, too? But can’t contact authorities to possibly help someone.

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