New law will make vandals responsible for graffiti cleanup costs

Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a bill introduced by Rep. Juan Carlos Escamilla, of San Luis, that would require people responsible for graffiti to cover the costs of cleaning up the damage.

Escamilla’s bill, HB 2571, will go into effect later this summer and will allow the courts to include reasonable labor, material and equipment costs when calculating the damage resulting from graffiti.

“The cost of cleaning up graffiti can create a burden for our communities,” Escamilla said. “I am thankful that the governor and my colleagues at the Legislature recognized how important this legislation is because it will provide a way for cities and towns to manage the cleanup and to hold the offenders accountable for the full damage they inflict.”

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  1. If you think the threat of paying damages will stop this vandalism, you are sadly mistaken. Good luck collecting damages from the offenders also. Hey, why not ask the idiot Tucson city council member who thinks this crap is “art” what she would do.

  2. ROTFLMAO – yeah now all we need is a police force that gives a dam about anything other than selling sick time and writing enough tickets to keep them in business – if there is ‘not enough of a cut of the money in it for them they’ll catch very few… there’s ‘no priority’ in it for them…

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