Sinema fights for vets: Sunday’s comic


Arizona officials weigh in on Shinseki resignation

On Friday, after President Obama accepted the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, Arizona’s representatives were for the most part, gracious for his service, while calling for reforms. Only one; Representative Krysten Sinema used the event to campaign. Sinema issued a statement saying that Shinseki’s resignation and the “firing of the leadership of the Phoenix VA, is the right move.”

She made a campaign promise to “push until these veterans have immediate access to care, and all Arizona veterans receive the care and benefits they have earned.”

Jeff Flake issued no formal statement, He tweeted his statement, “President has accepted Sec. Shinseki’s resignation. Good move. Now let’s fix the problems. #VA.” Retiring Congressman Pastor did not address issue with a formal statement, Facebook post, or Tweet.

Representative Barber: “Secretary Shinseki’s resignation this morning was an important step in restoring our veterans’ and the nation’s trust in the Veterans Administration. I respect Secretary Shinseki’s service to our country. His decision today will allow us to move forward with the necessary top-to-bottom overhaul of the Veterans Health Administration’s systems and practices.

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