Tempe “other” voters need to choose between ballot types

tempeA 2012 state law consolidating city and county elections will change how some early voters receive their ballots. August 2014 marks the first time candidates for Tempe City Council, a non-partisan election, will be on the same ballot as Maricopa County’s partisan election.

Voters on the county’s permanent early voting list who are registered as “Other” (including Independent or Party Not Designated) will need to choose between ballot types – a city-only nonpartisan ballot or a ballot from one of the four recognized parties (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Americans Elect). Nearly 40 percent of Tempe’s registered voters are registered as “Other.”

On May 28, Maricopa County’s Elections Office mailed postcards to voters registered as “Other” asking which type of ballot they want to receive. Voters need to return the postcards to the county, indicating their ballot selection, by July 12 in order to receive their early ballots by mail. For voters who don’t return the postcards, the county will send a second postcard 33 days prior to the Aug. 26 election. Voters can also select their early ballot preference through Aug. 15 by calling 602-506-1511 or visiting: www.recorder.maricopa.gov.

For voters registered with one of the four recognized parties, the process hasn’t changed. The county mailed them postcards confirming their early voting status; the postcards only need to be returned if voter information has changed or is inaccurate.

People on the permanent early voting list can also choose to vote at an early voting site or at their designated polling place on election day. For more information, call 602-506-1511 or visit www.recorder.maricopa.gov.

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