Isquierdo out as Sunnyside breathes sigh of relief

isquierdo-failsThe Sunnyside Governing Board voted 3-2 to terminate the contract of embattled superintendent Manuel Isquierdo. Board member Eva Dong fought to place Isquierdo in an IT position, but retain his title as superintendent for two years so that he would qualify for retirement benefits.

The Governing Board bought out the newest contract which had caused two of the Board members, Louie Gonzales and Bobby Garcia, to be recalled earlier this month. Last night’s meeting was the last meeting before the newly elected members of the Board take office. The meeting began in the afternoon and lasted until shortly before midnight.

The lucrative contract, which will take effect in July, will be bought out for a portion of the $499,000 contract, according to sources. Isqueirdo will be on leave of absence until July 1, at which time the contract takes effect.

Board member Buck Crouch joined Gonzales and Garcia to approve the buyout. The Board had little choice but to buy Isquierdo out after he threatened legal action if they did not. After years of intimidation, sources say that the Board members were concerned that Isquierdo would continue to put the District in legal jeopardy with employee complaints.

Parents, students, and stakeholders celebrated the end of the Isquierdo era outside the boardroom with pizza and cake.

enemy-list-isquierdoRecall Committee chair Richard Hernandez, took advantage of the vote by having Sixto Molina, head of the District’s security services, remove a sign that had been posted inside the reception area with the names of some of Isquirdo’s enemies. The sign instructed staff to contact administration should any of listed persons appear at the District’s office.

The list first appeared after it was discovered that someone had blown the whistle on the use of students to promote a bond measure.

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