Cochise County Sheriff deputies assists hikers

hikersOn Saturday June 7, 2014 the Cochise County Search and Rescue Team were on their way to Carr Canyon for training when they were diverted to Miller Canyon for a report of someone yelling for help.

Teams were deployed into lower Miller Canyon to begin a search in the area where the hiker reported hearing the yells for help. Cochise Air had just taken off from the Sierra Vista Airport and was requested to assist in the search.

A SAR Coordinator was already at the tope of Carr Canyon for the training and was flagged down by a female who said that she had been hiking with her husband and they had become separated on a hike from Miller Canyon. At the same time the husband called 911 to report his wife missing.

Cochise Air had already started the search in lower Miller Canyon and after several minutes it was determined that both calls were actually the same call as both husband and wife were yelling each other’s names trying to find each other.

The wife was driven from Carr Canyon to Miller Canyon and reunited with her husband. The wife had all of the water and supplies but no cell phone while the husband had the cell phone.

Cochise Air was cancelled and the SAR Team continued to the training site and completed their training for the day.

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