Gov Jindal removes Louisiana from Common Core standards and test, are you listening Gov Brewer?

jindahlBy Brad McQueen

Governor Jindal of Louisiana, through executive order, withdrew his state from the Common Core Standards and the Common Core PARCC test in a courageous turnaround from his previously held position.  It appears that Gov Jindal, after realizing the true nature and intent of the Common Core, and to reflect the wishes of his state’s citizens, changed his position to reflect this new reality.

Governor Jindal said, “It’s time for PARCC to withdraw from Louisiana. We won’t let the federal government take over Louisiana’s education standards. We’re very alarmed about choice and local control over curriculum being taken away from parents and educators. Common Core has not been fully implemented yet in Louisiana, and we need to start the process over. It was rushed in the beginning and done without public input.

“Additionally, proponents weren’t up front about federal involvement in PARCC and Common Core. Now that we understand the federal overreach involved, we need to slow down and make the right decision. Some Common Core proponents suggest that we cannot have high standards without Common Core. That is a false statement. We need a Louisiana test that ensures children are performing at high levels so they can compete not only around the country, but around the world. We can certainly have high standards without giving up control of Louisiana’s education system to the federal government.

“If other states want to allow the federal government to dictate to them, they have every right to make that choice. But education is a primary responsibility of states, and we will not cede this responsibility to the federal government.”

But John White, the state’s superintendent of schools said Gov Jindal cannot unilaterally remove or withdraw Louisiana from the standards.

“The state will continue to implement the Common Core Standards… this is a long term plan we have been working on for four years and committed to another 10 years of implementation. We are not willing to subject our children to last minute changes to throw our system into educational chaos,” White said.

Gov Jindal expressed that ultimately he would like to see learning standards created by Louisiana’s educators and citizens. It sounds like there will be a battle between the governor’s office and the Board of Education over whose interpretation of state law wins and what standards Louisiana’s kids will be taught this coming fall.

There was no mention of the future of the NSA-like data suctioning systems put in place by Common Core.

But for now, Louisiana’s top politician has taken a stand and this appears to be a good first step by Gov Jindal as he publicly announces his desire for Common Core to be removed from his state in full.

Must be nice having a thoughtful governor who is not afraid to adjust his positions when new facts and citizens cries arise, eh Governor Brewer?

bradBrad McQueen is a former Common Core insider and current public school teacher in Tucson, Arizona and is the author of the anti-Common Core book “The Cult of Common Core”. Connect with Brad at

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  1. Make that listens to some of his constituents. The majority of voters in Louisiana support use of the Common Core. This is reflected in the state legislature, but not in the governor’s office. Governor Jindal is pandering to a national audience, which includes a minority subset of his constituents.

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