AZ Superintendent of Public Deception, ..err Instruction, strikes again

huppBy Brad McQueen

Arizona’s unrepentant Superintendent of Public Deception John Huppenthal continued his “Deceive Arizona on Common Core” roadshow on Shane Krauser’s conservative radio talk show recently when he was a guest just after revelations of his creepy anonymous postings became public this past week.

One technique progressives use is to gaslight their opponents by telling big lies over and over so that they begin to doubt their own version of reality.  Huppenthal isn’t the best gaslighter the progressives have, but he did his best to continue to put forth the big lies about Common Core that he has put forth at every candidate forum I have seen him participate in.  Let’s go over some of his big lies.

Big lie #1: “I am a small government conservative. Arizona will take complete possession of the (Common Core)standards.”

What small government conservative would cede control over our state’s learning standards to a private Common Core company used by the federal government as a front group to launder its money towards the goal of national learning standards and the usurping of state sovereignty over education?  We used to own and control 100% of our learning standards in Arizona, but under Common Core 85% of our standards are owned and copyrighted by two Common Core Companies (the NGA and the CCSSO ). In short, you cannot change the Common Core standards Mr. Huppenthal, not a period nor a comma.

Since when is having 15% input into Arizonan kids’ learning standards better than having 100% control of our kids learning standards? Only in the twisted mind of the Superintendent of Deception it does.

Before Common Core Arizonan parents could go to their Department of Education or their legislator if they had an issue with a learning standard or a test question.  What acronymned Common Core group in Washington, D.C., do Arizonan parents go to now?

Big lie #2: “Before Common Core all the states standards were really low, except maybe three or four of them.”

Even the pro-Common Core group the Fordham Institute, using Bill Gates money, conducted a study in 2010 and found that 13 states had equal or better standards and 2 states and the District of Columbia actually had superior standards to the Common Core standards.  Arizona’s previous learning standards were actually pretty close to these never tested Common Core standards in this study.

Fifty states had learning standards that had a track record of achievement that can be shown over the past decade or more, unlike the never-tested-and-never-shown-to-improve-student-learning Common Core standards.

If Arizona’s standards were low, why didn’t Huppenthal lead the effort to improve them at the state level?  We could easily, and still can, improve our previous state owned and created standards.  We have a huge pool of teachers who have years of experience creating standards and standardized tests.  I’ve worked with them over the last five years on the AIMS test.

Big lie #3: “We don’t just throw the (Common Core) standards out for no reason at all.”

There have been calls here in Arizona to throw out the Common Core standards, revert back to the previous learning standards until a group of educators and parents can rewrite AZ’s learning standards.  Oklahoma is doing this.

Huppenthal says that we just can’t throw the Common Core standards out.  Well Governor Brewer and Huppenthal did just that to our previous Arizona owned and teacher created standards and AIMS test.  They adopted the Common Core standards with no public input or discussion and threw our previous standards out the window for federal money.

When Massachusetts created its then new state standards over a decade ago they had a least a couple of years of public input and discussion.  Only a matter of months passed between the creation of the Common Core standards in 2010 and their adoption by Arizona.

Why the rush? Arizona needed to adopt the standards to shore up its chances of receiving federal stimulus money and the more citizens learn about the standards, the more they oppose them.  Therefore, Gov Brewer shoved the Common Core standards into being by using her self-appointed AZ Board of Education rather than submitting them to be voted upon in our legislature. Why involve the electorate and their representatives in this very shady matter?

Big lie #4: “We got no federal stimulus money in exchange for adopting Common Core.”

In 2010, Arizona originally applied for $250 million in federal stimulus money in exchange for adopting the not-yet-written-Common Core standards, becoming part of a test creating consortium which would create a test to assess the not-yet-written learning standards, and setting up NSA-like data suctioning systems (SLDS) to suction all manner of our kids’ data without parent permission or notification.

There were three rounds of applications.  Arizona did not win money in the first round, so they tweaked their application and reapplied.  Arizona was again rejected in the second round and further tweaked their application and reapplied for the third round.  Eventually, in the third round of applications, Arizona was granted the pathetic sum of $25 million in 2011.  Jan Brewer and John Huppenthal sold our sovereignty over our kids’ education for the price of a cheap two-story parking garage.

Big lie #5: Huppenthal says he played no role in the adoption of the Common Core standards, that he “inherited” them.  Sound like another big progressive anyone know?

In 2010, state Senator John Huppenthal, touting his role as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, wrote a letter to Governor Jan Brewer expressing his support of her plans to apply for federal money to adopt the Common Core standards and the other federal reforms attached to that money.  Also, when Arizona received its paltry $25 million of federal stimulus money, Huppenthal excitedly proclaimed, “We are excited to have been provided additional funds… to prepare students to become college and career (Common Core) ready by the time they graduate.” Huppenthal may have come late to the Common Core dance but he’s been doing quite the jig ever since.

Big Lie #6: Huppenthal is looking out for our kids’ best interests as their “top educator.”

It’s become abundantly clear in the last several years and in the last several days in particular that the interests of Arizona’s kids is not in the forefront of Superintendent Huppenthal’s mind.  The Chamber of Commerce was so pleased with Huppenthal’s pushing of Common Core that they were all set to give him a specially created award for his advocacy.

The AZ Chamber of Commerce is pushing for their customers, big business and their shareholders, who salivate at the chance to have access to our K-12 “market” and use the k-12 education system as their very own human resource department to train their future workers.

However, we elect our governor and our Superintendent of Instruction to act on behalf of its customers, the children and parents of Arizona.  When the interests of big business and the federal government act in opposition to our state’s sovereignty and the interests of our kids through the implementation of the Common Core, our leaders must step in.

Rather than protecting our kids, Huppenthal has been protecting the interests of the Chamber of Commerce and the federal government every time he protects and feeds the Common Core beast as our Superintendent of Public Deception both in his official job and in his anonymous online personas.

Arizonans have had enough of the deception.  Arizonans deserve better, and so do their kids.

bradBrad McQueen is a former Common Core insider and current public school teacher in Tucson, Arizona and is the author of the anti-Common Core book “The Cult of Common Core”. Connect with Brad at

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  1. The Red Star put out a couple of hit pieces on him as well but more spiteful, painting him as an extreme right wing racist. Which only goes to show; even if you pander to liberals on items such as Common Core, they will still hate and deride you.

  2. I think the President has the right approach. Blame everybody else for being racists and then you don’t have to declare any of your beliefs.

    …and trust me when I say that I would have said the same thing even if I was white.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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