Adelita Grijalva sees dollar signs in the faces of illegal immigrant children

adelita-grijalva-picBy Brad McQueen

While most Americans see the tidal wave of illegal immigrant children being herded from Central America across our borders as a man-caused humanitarian crisis, Adelita Grijalva, her father Rep. Raul Grijalva, and Tucson Unified School District Superintendent (TUSD) H.T. Sanchez see it as a financial windfall.

Imagine being a terrified child surviving the treacherous journey north to the United States border/finish line, surviving their coyote escorts and other predators, only to see another type of predator, Adelita Grijalva, with her face pressed up against the chain-link fencing wearing her accountant’s visor and fingering her pocket calculator checking up on all the poor dollar signs, err…children.

According to Rep. Raul Grijalva (D,AZ), he visited the Nogales illegal immigrant children’s processing center recently because, “We need to know the extent to which officials are properly using the resources available within the community.”

Rep. Grijalva’s equally far-left daughter, Adelita Grijalva, Governing Board president of the failing Tucson Unified School District (TUSD), coincidentally accompanied her father “to see what resources the Tucson Unified School District could offer the children” according to a source within TUSD.

Within days Adelita Grijalva magically came up with the plan to use all those vacant school properties littering TUSD to house all of these illegal immigrant kids.  “We have a lot of vacant property, and if FEMA can convert a warehouse, they can convert a school,” Adelita Grijalva imagines.

You see TUSD knows all too well about a rush of kids to the border.  Parents and students have been rushing out of the TUSD district borders for years escaping failed academic mandates, headed by Adelita Grijalva, interested more in developing angry social justice activists than developing academically well-rounded children headed for college.

Many school districts that border TUSD serve as “sanctuary schools” for all those kids escaping the tyranny of TUSD and seeking a safe place to learn and be kids again.

Adelita Grijalva then “shared” her very new never-before-discussed-in-advance idea with her father Rep. Raul Grijalva who plans to pass his idea onto the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Sounds like the Grijalvas have been having quite the brainstorming sessions at Sunday dinners, eh?

Might there be a non-profit created, possibly named “Grijalva’s Save the Children Fund”, to handle all that potential federal money being channeled towards creating a chain of Grijalva foster centers?

Then of course the kids will have to be educated. Since Arizona residency guidelines forbid funding to schools for kids who are not legal residents, the federal government may be asked to pony up taxpayer dollars for educating the illegal immigrant kids as well.  Might there be a Grijalva or too involved in this business venture as well?

Am I being too cynical, or am I being too realistic?

TUSD Superintendent H.T. Sanchez seems to also be joining the chorus when he says, “We’re always open to helping in any way we can. We would be very agreeable to educating the students and using a facility to house those who have been processed and allowed to stay in the U.S.”

Notice that Superintendent Sanchez says that TUSD would be “agreeable to educating the students”? Is he forecasting their plan to dump these illegal immigrant kids into our school systems creating yet another domino effect of social and educational crises that I alluded to in a previous article ?

The Arizona Daily Independent recently  reported that some 140 to 200 illegal aliens are arriving daily at the Nogales Border Patrol Station, according to Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino, who says that the children are then cleaned up, give new clean clothes, processed by agents, and allowed to contact the embassies of their country of origin.

bears-eating-salmonAfter approximately 3 to 4 days they are sent off to military bases in California and Texas.  Garino says he was informed by DHS that the process will continue all summer. It sounds like the Border Patrol is doing a stellar job under less than ideal circumstances processing the tidal wave of illegal immigrant kids and moving them safely along the system.

Like Alaskan Grizzly bears waiting in the shallows impaling salmon trying to leap upstream to freedom, the Grijalvas and others might have other plans for these dollar signs, err….children.

bradBrad McQueen is a former Common Core insider and current public school teacher in Tucson, Arizona and is the author of the anti-Common Core book “The Cult of Common Core”. Connect with Brad at


  1. Whatever bad you can say about the Grijalva’s it isn’t bad enough. On one side you have the master of the “dangerous” white powder 4 years ago and the boycott that cost thousands of his “chosen” children their meager jobs. Then you have his daughter who loves the “chosen” ones so much that she wants to indoctrinate them and make them political activists and take back what is rightfully theirs and pout and hold their breath if they don’t get their way. They are both cancers on this country in their own way and the effect of their leadership is quite obvious. Keep the people beholden to them with their “special” programs and poor and uneducated because anyone that has an education and can think for themselves know the sad old story with these two.

  2. They are both communists who are trying to overthrow our constitutional republic and they should both be in jail. Why any city would let a person like Adelita near their children is impossible to understand. Get her out of there!

  3. Arizona Revised Statutes:
    15-1105. Lease of school property; civic center school fund; reversion to school plant fund; definitions
    A. The governing board, or the superintendent or chief administrative officer with the approval of the governing board, may lease school property, including school buildings,… any person, group or organization for any lawful purpose…….
    B. The governing board, or the superintendent or chief administrative officer with the approval of the governing board, may permit the uncompensated use of school buildings,…… by any school related group, including student political organizations or by any organization whose membership is open to the public and whose activities promote the educational function of the school district……..
    Leasing TUSD vacant Buildings in NOT a lawful purpose. Notwithstanding that we are dealing with Children, they are non the less illegal immigrants; and
    Leasing TUSD vacant Buildings does not serve the education function of the District. These Children are NOT citizens living within TUSD.
    The Federal Government can use its’ own Facilities, as they are now doing, to temporary house these Children.
    Adelita Grijalva, with the support of her Father, is using the tragic circumstances of these Immigrant Children as a tawdry political ploy to shift the focus away from her unmitigated failure as a member of the TUSD Governing Board. She and her Father must be voted out of office!!!

  4. Stacey,
    You must have graduated from TUSD if you can’t tell that this is an opinion piece.

    • I think she means one of those “journalists” at the Arizona Red, err… Daily Star.

  5. Dad must be getting ready to retire that daughter is now getting the photo ops for her own run at office?

  6. These children will have to be put into school. And for every head they can get, the Federal government pays them $8,000. The icing on the cake is that these kids will be there until they’re 20.

  7. Bob, not true, did you not read that they kids from this area drop out waaaaay too soon? I think it was in last weeks news. The thing is, if they do drop out are they dropped from the roles or does tusd still count them for the $$ once they are on the role? The way this outfit operates its kinda hard to tell. Today they said they got almost $400000 to run richey school last year for 36 kids! They were only going to have 18 this year so I guess thats a good indicator of how well they did last year!!

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