Roche silent, Pinal County among many hit by AMCAD bankruptcy

rocheIn February of 2014 Pinal County Clerk Chad Roche announced the County’s participation in a pilot program with AMCAD, (American Cadastre LLC) a leading provider of software to courts, jails, prosecutors, probation, county clerks, recorders offices, and other government offices.

Through Roche, Pinal County Office entered into a $500,000 document management contract with AMCAD on Feb 28, 2014. By June 28, 2014 the company notified its clients nationwide that it was bankrupt and was laying-off its employees and shutting down its website.

In February, Roche said in a press release produced by AMCAD, “This project is critical to the long term records management strategy for the Clerk of Superior Court. We are eliminating thousands of square feet of files and file shelving, and ultimately increasing our size of our electronic records repository. This digitization project of paper court cases converted to electronic images will enhance security, ensure long-term preservation, and improve access by the court and public.

Across the country, Clerks were notifying their constituents about the loss of this “critical” service shortly after AMCAD informed them that they were going out of the business on Monday, June 23rd. Shortly after that date, AMCAD removed any mention of the Pinal County contract from its website.

Brazos County, Texas reported that it is out $2.6 million after a company contracted to design and implement justice system software pulled out two-and-half years into the project, according to

Brazos discovered an issue with the company during a meeting in June, when “county officials got their first red flag when they learned Oklahoma had severed a $13 million contract. At that time, AMCAD was several months behind schedule under the Brazos County contract,” reports

According to theeaglecom, “It’s unclear what exactly led to AMCAD terminating its services, and attempts to reach company officials were unsuccessful. Some of the phone numbers associated with the company, such as for Gary Egner, the chief marketing officer, had been disconnected as of late last week. At this point, Peters said, it appears the county has little recourse beyond filing a civil suit, which offers no guarantees that funds will be recovered.”

Roche has not raised a red flag for Pinal County residents, and it is unclear, if Pinal County, like Brazos will have to go back to a paper case management system, or find a replacement program.



4 Comments on "Roche silent, Pinal County among many hit by AMCAD bankruptcy"

  1. RealityObserver | July 29, 2014 at 7:58 pm |

    Another failed Court software system. Color me surprised…

  2. Wayne B (rain) | July 30, 2014 at 7:03 am |

    Wow, how unjust. Those justice loving court systems must be shocked to see unfairness, corruption and scandal.

  3. I would have thought that leaders would be able to see these things and be able to NOT enter into bad contracts. That’s what we elect them for, right?

  4. Steve Daily | July 30, 2014 at 8:21 am |

    Chad Roche is one of those guys who is a big shot in his mind and a mean, angry, self-centered, self-promoter hiding behind fake numbers and fake accomplishments. He always talks about his MBA – where was that when he signed on to AMCAD and didn’t do his homework – where was his MBA smarts when he hired AIT consulting for skyhigh prices. HEY WAKE UP PEOPLE HE COST US OVER A MILLION DOLLARS WITH BAD JUDGMENT!!!!!!

    Man, this guys a nightmare – a Clerk who wants to be King. Get him out of there before he wastes more of our hard earned tax money. Go color yourself a new job in your expensive coloring books, King Clerk Roache.

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